Dr. Muscle Gets You in Shape Faster Than Your Local Trainer

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Get in shape faster with a personal trainer in your phone

With Dr. Muscle

Dr. Muscle guides you when you work out!

At the gym…
Or at home…

It’s like a personal trainer in your phone, but:

10x Cheaper

Always up to date


59% Faster

The problem Getting in shape is hard

It requires…




And even when you’re doing everything right, you can still…

Get injured…
Get stuck…
Lose motivation and quit…

Plus, personal trainers are expensive…

But there’s a solution…

Introducing Dr. Muscle
It’s like a personal trainer in your phone

Dr. Muscle simplifies everything

Save time

Automatically train like a pro

Stay on track

Anytime, Anywhere

1. You save time

In 2017, researchers from Brazil and the US studied a special training technique called “rest-pause” (Prestes et al. 2017). They found that lifters who trained with rest-pause got similar results in less time. They rested only 20 seconds between sets (instead of 2-3 minutes). This lets you save about 4 minutes per exercise and overall, your workouts end up 59% faster (we’ve done the math).

2. You train like a pro, automatically

Train like a pro with your smart program that’s always up to date and evidence-based, with guidelines from:

3. You stay on track

You get insights on your performance and coaching tips to motivate you
“Do this today to build muscle faster”

4. Anytime, anywhere

Available 24/7 to train with you at home or at the gym, at home or on the road, your data is safe in the cloud

Dr. Muscle guides you

“Welcome back Sarah!
Your program: Bodyweight Level 1. Start now?”
“Congratulations! You’re 1 workout closer to new exercises”

Get a custom program in 5 minutes!

1- Create your profile

2- Get your custom workout plan

3- Get in shape faster

Start from home with just your body weight

Short on time?

Get started from home in as little as 9 minutes

Turbo mode workouts 30 min max

Already working out?


Take your training to the next level


Get in shape faster with a smart, customized


program that updates automatically

Dr. Muscle is powerful enough to guide you in any gym

Strongest guy in your gym?


Get into the best shape of your life


Dr. Muscle automates advanced


periodization strategies like:

1. Deloads

2. Light (recovery) days

3. Daily undulating periodization (DUP)

4. Rest-pause sets

5. Reps in reserve (RPE based on RIR)

And more!
You can customize everything

Dr. Muscle uses science and AI to help you get in shape faster

It tells you exactly what to do when you work out

Analyzes your profile


Creates a custom program for you


Updates your program as you get in better shape based on your own progression and data

You get in shape faster when you train with Dr. Muscle because you apply all the following evidence-based methods automatically:

“The rest-pause method resulted in greater gains in localized muscular endurance and hypertrophy for the thigh musculature.”
Prestes J. J Strength Cond Res. 2017 Apr 4.
“Autoregulatory progressive resistance exercise was more effective than the traditional linear periodization means of programming in increasing the bench press and squat over a period of 6 week.”
Mann JB. J Strength Cond Res. 2010 Jul;24(7):1718-23
Regional-specific hypertrophy
“For maximal hypertrophy of an entire muscle, athletes (particularly bodybuilders) are justified in incorporating various exercises that purportedly stimulate growth in a regional-specific manner.”
Antonio J. J Stength Cond Res. 2000 Feb.
Daily undulating periodization (DUP)
“Making program alterations on a daily basis was more effective in eliciting strength gains than doing so every 4 weeks.”
Rhea MR. J Strength Cond Res. 2002 May;16(2):250-5.
Loading based on rating of perceived exertion (RPE)
“Rating of perceived exertion (RPE)-based loading may provide a small 1RM strength advantage in a majority of individuals.”
Helms ER. Front Physiol. 2018 Mar 21;9:247
7 key features of your new smart, customized program
1. Works On All Phones & In All Gyms

Dr. Muscle works on all iPhones, Android phones, and tablets. So even if you change your phone, you’ll still have your workout data.

Bodyweight, home gym, or gym? We got you covered. You can start from home with just your body weight. Get a few pairs of dumbells, and you can do the home gym programs. More advanced? Dr. Muscle can guide you in the most hardcore of gyms.

2. Starts at your level
3. Gets more challenging as you get in better shape (it adjusts to you)
4. Updates in real time when you work out based on your feedback
5. Gives you a challenge when you feel great
6. Gives you a break when you’re tired
7. Shows you key insights on your performance at a glance
Advanced lifter? Check this out:
You can add your own exercises and workouts
You can customize everything
Watch how Dr. Muscle helps you get in shape faster:

Trusted by industry experts

“Lift weights. You’ll look and feel years younger. And this new technology may be the easiest and cheapest way to get there fast.”

“Ever since I got hit by a car in college, I’ve looked for new and better ways to become healthy, lean, and fit. AI is the next frontier in fitness, and if you’re doing any form of weight lifting, you should definitely check this new technology out.”

“90% of people over the age of 35 lose enough muscle every year to burn off an additional 4 pounds of body fat. Don’t let this happen to you. Lift weights. You’ll look and feel years younger. And this new technology may be the easiest and cheapest way to get there fast.”

-John Rowley, best-selling co-author of “Old School New Body”

“This app could get a whole lot of people on track integrating the modern science-based approach to building muscle mass and strength”

This new app looks like a winner. The app figures out sets, reps, volume, loading, and so forth, and does a damn good job of delivering a customized workout based on the individuals progress – or lack there of – using what’s called “Daily Undulating Periodization” or DUP.”

“Short of paying a good strength coach, this app could get a whole lot of people on track integrating the modern science-based approach to building muscle mass and strength while reducing the likelihood injuries and removing the guess work. So far, feedback from BrinkZone users of the app has been excellent.”
-Will Brink, SWAT Trainer, Magazine Columnist (Over 50 mags in 9 countries), and author of Bodybuilding Revealed
“If you are looking for a solid app that helps you to track your workouts, and even offer “advice” on training programs, this new app can help you get in shape faster using artificial intelligence.”
Luis Villasenor

“Carl and his team have developped an app that allows people to use evidence-based training strategies, and have their training program automatically updated based on their performance & recovery.”
Danny Lennon

“My colleague Carl Juneau has a neat app out that can help you plan your training and adjusts your training for you.”
Mike Israetel

“Carl Juneau has worked his socks off to create a high quality AI training app. Highly recommend checking it out if you are looking for a great training app.”
Juma Iraki

“Carl Juneau has been working hard on his AI training app, one I can definitely support.”
Steve Hall

“Not everyone can afford personal training – this app is a great way to take the guesswork out of training. One of my favorite parts about the app is the user interface and how many programs there are to choose from.”
Brandon Roberts

“If you struggle with your workout/training programming, take a look a Carl Juneau’s app – the progress it has made last year is amazing.”

World Natural Bodybuilding Champion Jonas Notter trains with Dr. Muscle
“I was never that heavy (95 kg) with a comparable shape. […] Simple stupid and effective.”
-Jonas Notter, PNBA World Natural Bodybuilding Champion
Great for busy, evidence-based doctors and scientists
“I haven’t skipped a workout since I started using it”
“This app creates new workouts automatically that are challenging enough for me to keep building muscle without overtraining. It also keeps me motivated by showing me my progress. I haven’t skipped a workout since I started using it.”
-Artin Entezarjou, MD, PhD(s)
“It automates almost all the science”
“Everything I share is backed by referenced scientific research. That’s why I like Dr. Muscle – it automates almost all the relevant science.”
-Omar Kaakati, MD
5-star reviews (early access customers)
Customer service
“The best customer service”
-Bob McDermott
“Dr. Muscle has the best customer service. Dr. Juneau and Christelle, his excellent assistant, take the time to help and answer questions you might have. So if you are on the fence for purchasing the app, go for it. You won’t be disappointed.”
-Bob McDermott, early access customer
“We believe your experience with us should be smooth and a solid 10/10″
“I’ve been helping Dr. Juneau with customer service for 3 years. And I’m proud to say our customers say we have ‘the best customer service.’” You can email (I usually reply on the same day) or call us at +1 (514) 608-1057, Mon-Fri, 1-5pm, ET. I look forward to hear from you!”
-Christelle Bouchard
91% of our customers are either happy or satisfied:
Around the web
“After every exercise, you give feedback, and that feedback gets crunched into their algorithm to adjust the intensity of your workout to maximize gains.”
“Dr. Carl Juneau is an exercise scientist with a PhD in physical activity epidemiology. He’s been a coach and a lifter for 16 years. He’s also the founder of […]”
“Carl Juneau, PhD – Does Muscle Damage Actually Cause Hypertrophy?”
Training for Hypertrophy: The Case Against Muscle Damage by Carl Juneau, PhD
“This is a phenomenal episode and Dr. Juneau has a unique and sustainable approach for anyone […]”
Dr. Muscle Gets You in Shape Faster Than Your Local Trainer
Dr. Muscle guides you when you train
Cheap apps only track your workouts

Why Kickstarter?

Thank you so much for supporting Dr. Muscle! Earlier this year, you helped us launch version 2.0 on Indiegogo. Your feedback is amazing. We raised 48 366$, were featured in Indiegogo’s team favourites, and trened as high as first place on their home page!

Now that all 193 backers got their rewards,
we’re ready to build on that success and
create the next major release of Dr. Muscle

Help us create Dr. Muscle 3.0

What’s new in version 3.0?
As easy to use as a microwave

As one user put it : “I LOVE the AI, but the app doesn’t look polished.”
Our goal : “Same powerful AI, now as easy to use as a microwave.”

Download your data and customize your program on the Web
You can already customize your program inside our app. But to be fair, creating an advanced program can take some time. Especially if you want to fully override our AI. In version 3.0, you’ll be able to customize your program faster via the Web, and download and analyze your exercise data online.
More great features
We already have a feedback site and voting system in place. Customers vote for new features, and we implement features with the most votes first. Just in the last 3 months, we’ve implemented 9 new features :

Customize reps and sets style at the exercise level

Improved interface and navigation

Exercise videos and instructions

Custom weight increments

Better training logs

New home screen

Challenge mode

Plate calculator

Offline access

We want your opinion and input because it will steer the development of more features within the app – ensuring it works best for you.



23 January 2016

Version 1 Is Launched

So even if you change your phone, you’ll still have your workout data.

23 November 2016

Version 2.0 Now Available On Google Play And The App Store

18 October 2016

Improved Algorithm

We’ve improved the algorithm powering Dr.Muscle


Tons of new features added

∗ New Workouts With New Exercises
∗ Program Levels Up Automatically
∗ Customize Your Rep Range
∗ Fine Tune Your Training With Reps In Reserve
∗ Choose Your Background Image
∗ Bodyweight Exercises And Workouts
And more…

18 October 2018

Offline Access

Dr.Muscle used to require an internet connection to work. That was a problem for some users working out in gyms with bad Wi-Fi. With the offline access update, you’ll only need to connect before and at the end of your workout (you can even connect before you leave the house and when you return)!

18 October 2018

New Home Screen

On your new home screen, you’ll now see stats like:
∗ How many workouts you’ve done
∗ How much you’ve lifted total
∗ Your strength (last 3 workouts)
∗ Your volume (last 3 workouts)
And more! In doing so, you can now track your volume, which is a great way to progress your training for size

April 2019

Start of KS Compaign


May 2019

Web portal

July 2019


“Why we should exercise” according to Harvard Medical School
Helps the heart
Prevent diabetes
Protects from cancer (breast, colon, endometrial)
Helps the brain (in ways similar to antidepressant medications)

“in old age, physical activity may delay the slide of cognitive decline into dementia.”

Harvard Health Publishing. Why we should exercise – and why we don’t. 2008

“One of the most important things you can do for your health”
It can help:
Control your weight
Reduce your risk Of cardiovascular disease
Reduce your risk for type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome
Reduce your risk of some cancers
Strengthen your bones and muscles
Improve your mental health and mood
Improve your ability to do daily activities and prevent falls, if you’re an older adult
Increase your chances of living longer
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Physical Activity. 2009

A Personal Invitation From Dr. Carl Juneau

“If you’ve always wanted to get in top shape, then this may be the most important invitation you get this year.”

My name is Dr. Carl Juneau. I’m an exercise scientist with a PhD in health statistics. I’ve been a coach all my life and a trainer for the Canadian Forces. I’ve helped about 10,000 people get in shape I-on-I, in group classes, and online.

That’s how I found out that training is hard. It requires time, knowledge, and motivation. And just when you think you’re doing everything right, you can still get injured, get stuck, or lose motivation, and quit. And when you quit, you lose all your gains, and you have to start all over again… And if that’s ever happened to you, you know how tough that is. Take it from me: I know.

In 2009, suddenly, I had trouble eating. I had no energy, couldn’t train, and felt my IQ had dropped 15 points. I used to get on the scale at least once a week to track my progress. But I stopped doing that: it was becoming too painful to see I was losing all the gains I’d worked so hard to make. Have a look:

On this chart, On the left, you can see that in 2005, when I got on the scale for the first time, I weighed 143 lbs. In 2009, 4 years later, I had gained 18 lbs of muscle. I was proud Of that!

But by 2010, I was down to 140 lbs—see that big dip on the right?

What happened is I had become intolerant to gluten. But doctors took one year to find out. So that year, I couldn’t eat, couldn’t train, and I ended up lighter than when I first started out.

4 years of training:
gone – just like that!

By 2011, I had learned to manage gluten. I moved to London (England) for my PhD. And I started training with Dave Beattie.

Dave was a 5-time world champion in powerlifting, and a world-record holder in the squat. And while training under him…

“I gained back 21 lbs in 3 months.”

Now granted, when you gain back muscle you’ve lost, it’s quicker. But still, in 3 months, I gained as much muscle as I had in 4 years.

What I should have done from the start (and what you should do) is to focus on a single fundamental training principle. Every good trainers knows this. My coach Dave in London knew it. In fact, it’s exactly what the American College Of Sports Medicine recommends (ACSM, 2009).

And that principle is progressive overload. Progressive overload just means that to get in better shape, you need to “overload” your workout…

But the way you “overload” has to be very specific: you must increase at least one Of the major training variables Of your workout progressively… so that you keep on challenging your body to transform.

Just by increasing the load, or repeating each exercise more times, you make your body think :

“Oh dear! This is new, and unexpected I need to improve”

And your body will improve and adapt by building muscle and burning fat. Over time, men usually end up quite muscular, and women, more sculpted; and both get leaner.

Plus, when you improve your fitness :

Your improve your health
Your improve your looks
Your improve your energy
Your improve your strength
Your improve your muscle mass
Your improve your confidence
Your improve your mood

You even improve your sex life!

You improve your self. I believe in self-improvement, and I really believe getting in shape is one Of the best ways you can improve. It’s helped me tremendously.

But to make it work for you, your workout needs to start at your level, and improve with you. And the best way to ensure that, is to let a personal trainer guide you, motivate you, and update your plan in real time, as you do it. But trainers are expensive…

I know: I’ve been a trainer for 18 years. Here are just some Of the men and women I’ve helped :

Now their results are not typical, and if you really want to get in shape, you’ll need time, knowledge, and motivation. That’s why training is hard. And why so many people fail, especially when they try to do it alone, without a trainer.

So, in 2016, I finished my PhD, I gathered a small team, and we started building this new technology. Our vision was to give you the ability to improve almost as fast as if you had trainer, but for much cheaper.

With this technology, you apply all the latest science and the proven tricks of an experienced trainer, automatically. Under the hood, your training is built around progressive overload. Your program :

– Starts at your level
– Gets more challenging as you get in better shape (it adjusts to you)
– Adds new exercises as you become more experienced, fitter, and stronger
– Updates in real time when you work out based on your feedback
– Gives you a challenge when you feel great – Gives you a break when you’re tired

In short, it’s more advanced, so you get in shape faster with us.

It’s also more fun, easy, and fast. As one early access customer put it: ‘It’s like a surprise every workout”.

Exercise by exercise, workout by workout, Dr. Muscle can take you from the beginner stage to the advanced level. It automates almost everything, through the entire process. It’s like a personal trainer in your phone, but 10 times cheaper, always up to date, evidence-based, and 59% faster.

Training changed my life. I’ve seen it change the lives Of hundreds Of people. And it could change your life, too. But it’s hard. That’s why we’ve created Dr. Muscle. We’re making training a rewarding experience, simple, and fun again. Come get in shape and improve with us. It could change your life.


ACSM. American College of Sports Medicine position stand. Progression models in resistance training for healthy adults. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2009 Mar;41(3):687-708.

Greg H, Triplett NT. Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning. Fourth edition. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics, 2016.

Prestes J et al. Strength And Muscular Adaptations Following 6 Weeks Of Rest-Pause Versus Traditional Multiple-Sets Resistance Training In Trained Subjects. J Strength Cond Res. 2017 Apr 4.

Risks and challenges

We’ve been building this app for 2 years. To be honest, it wasn’t easy. We started out with just 3 people, an idea, and little money. I wasn’t sure the idea would stick. The main risk was spending all the money we could raise to build our prototype, just to see it fail.

But today, we’ve already fine tuned our prototype with data from 655 early access customers, and we’ve had a successful launch (for version 2.0) on Indiegogo. All backers got their rewards, we make enough money to keep the ball rolling, and we’re here to stay. How much funding we get will only influence how fast and how big version 3.0 will be. So, you don’t risk backing this project and getting nothing in return.

Building the right features is another challenge. My job is to make sure we build the features you want. My boss is you. To get your feedback, we’ve set up a special website. There, customers (like yourself) get to suggest and vote for new features. We implement features with the most votes first. So, we really value customer feedback. And when you become a customer, we will reach out and want to hear from you.