Dr. Muscle Reviews From Users and Experts

Dr. Muscle Reviews From Users and Experts

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“I’ve had the app for at least two and a half years now, and I can definitely say that I’ve gained a significant amount of muscle. It’s hard to quantify it though because I was at a high body fat with less muscle when I first started using the app. At 5’10” I was 240lbs with at least 35% bodyfat and now I would say that I am at 210lbs with 18-20% bodyfat.” -Michael McCullough

“I can tell you that the app as is has taken me to a place strength wise where I’ve completely blown away the NJ State record in the raw bench press for Master 2B/83 kg which currently stands at 314.2 lbs. I’ve nocked out 315 lbs for 3 reps recently which puts me around 330 lbs one rep max. Just need to go to a meet.” -C. S.

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