Cancellation Policy

1. Payments and cancellations

All payments are final, non-cancelable and non-refundable.

Paid access can be purchased directly from Dr. Muscle or through a third party, such as Apple or Google. When you register for a paid subscription, you consent to get access to Dr. Muscle immediately.

For paid subscriptions, your payment to Dr. Muscle will automatically renew at the end of the subscription period, unless you cancel your paid subscription before the end of the current subscription period. The cancellation will take effect on the last day of the current subscription period, and your access will be locked.

Cancelling your subscription after the beginning of a paid subscription period does not entitle you to a full or partial refund for that period. If you do not cancel your recurring payment subscription before your renewal date, you are not entitled to a refund for the recurring payment charged to you on that date. You have the sole responsibility to cancel your subscription before the renewal date if you do not wish to continue your subscription.

If you have purchased your paid subscription through a third party, your subscription is also subject to the terms of your agreement with that third party. To cancel your subscription, you must cancel directly with that third party.

2. Term and termination

To terminate your Dr. Muscle account or cancel your subscription, you must email us at at least 48 hours before the end of your current subscription period.

This policy and your paid subscription will continue to apply to you until terminated by either you or Dr. Muscle. Dr. Muscle may terminate or suspend your access to its service at any time, including in the event of your actual or suspected unauthorised use of the service or non-compliance with its terms. If you or Dr. Muscle terminates or suspends your subscription, you agree that Dr. Muscle shall have no liability or responsibility to you, and Dr. Muscle will not refund any amounts that you have already paid, to the fullest extent permitted under applicable law.

Any sections of our terms that, either explicitly or by their nature, must remain in effect even after termination of your subscription, shall survive termination.

3. Contact Information

See Contact.

Thank you for reading our policy. We hope you enjoy Dr. Muscle.