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159 Key Fitness App Stats for 2023: Trends by Age, Market & More

Up-to-date fitness app statistics from reputable sources—reviewed by an exercise scientist

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FitNotes Workout App: Independent Review & Alternative

Exercise scientist gives an honest review of FitNotes, with screenshots, pros & cons, and more

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Starting Strength Workout App: Review & Alternative

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Introducing Dr. Muscle: The World's First AI Personal Trainer

Imagine ChatGPT, but for fitness. Automated yet personal, with expert coaching and workouts unique to you—optimized to get you in shape faster, on autopilot.

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Why We Set Out to Build the Best Workout App and Make the World a Fitter Place

An open letter from our founder and CEO

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How To Train For Hypertrophy & Build Muscle Fast [In-depth]

You're here because you're ready to grow. Not just any kind of growth. You want muscle hypertrophy—the kind that turns heads at the beach, the kind that tells the world you're serious about your health and strength. Hypertrophy isn't a mystery. It's science and sweat coming together. It's pushing

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