About Dr. Muscle and Dr. Carl Juneau, PhD

About Dr. Muscle and Dr. Carl Juneau, PhD

Our Mission

At Dr. Muscle, our mission is to make the world a fitter place.

We believe that everyone deserves access to personalized, effective fitness training that adapts to their unique needs and goals. That's the inspiration behind the Dr. Muscle workout app, the world's first AI personal trainer.

The brainchild of Dr. Carl Juneau, an exercise scientist with a passion for weight lifting, the app is like a personal trainer in your pocket. It's designed to adapt, motivate, and guide you through scientifically backed workout plans that evolve as you progress.

Think ChatGPT, but for fitness. Automated yet personal, with expert coaching and workouts unique to you—optimized to get you in shape faster, on autopilot.

"Let me just say, I was thinking of being an online personal trainer but after using and seeing the power of this app, I sincerely can't charge people the rates I had in mind when this app does it at a fraction of the cost." -Rajib Ghosh (read more reviews)

In addition to our app, we offer informative articles and evidence-based advice on various aspects of training and nutrition on our blog, Muscle University. Our team of experts, led by Dr. Juneau, ensures that every piece of content is meticulously researched and crafted to provide you with accurate and up-to-date information.

About Dr. Carl Juneau, PhD

A University of Montréal, London, and Harvard alum, Dr. Juneau is a former trainer for the Canadian Forces with a PhD in Public Health/Epidemiology.

He's a published scientist with extensive research in exercise science. With studies featured in peer-reviewed journals, Dr. Juneau has dedicated his career to understanding what works best in fitness training, and translating research into practical applications.

His research during the COVID-19 pandemic has been cited by the World Health Organization, showcasing his expertise and commitment to public health.

Dr. Juneau and his work have been featured in NBC News, Science Daily, and more.

Articles by Dr. Juneau

Editorial team

Dr. Jason Cholewa, PhD, CSCS

Dr. Cholewa is an Assistant Professor at Coastal Carolina University. He's a doctor of exercise physiology with a profound passion for bodybuilding and strength training.

He has conducted scientific studies on muscle hypertrophy and strength (e.g. Cholewa et al. 2018), and has presented at prestigious events such as the World Congress for Exercise Is Medicine and the National Convention of the American College of Sports Medicine.

Dr. Cholewa's credentials extend beyond his academic achievements. As a former competitive natural bodybuilder, he has spent years delving into the science of bodybuilding, periodization, and hypertrophy.

As the founder of Big Red Physical Performance, he has spent 14+ years training clients and physique athletes, helping them achieve their goals of becoming bigger, leaner, and stronger.

Articles by Dr. Cholewa

Garett Reid, MSc, CSCS, CISSN

Garett Reid is a certified strength and performance coach, lecturer, and fitness consultant with 10+ years of experience in the US and across Asia. He holds an MSc in Exercise Science and certifications from the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA) and the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN).

As Vice President of the NSCA Strongman SIG, Garett has significantly contributed to the strength and conditioning field. His work includes publications in the NSCA COACH journal and speaking engagements at NSCA conferences.

With over 20 years of gym experience and four years competing in strongman, Garett has a comprehensive view of the industry’s evolution and training practices. Garett’s main goal is to use his knowledge and experience to help others streamline their fitness journey, emphasizing the importance of both training and nutrition in achieving peak performance.

Articles by Garett Reid

Disclosure of Material Connection

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Join Us on Our Mission

Building a great company takes hard work, discipline, and determination.

As a company, we value the intense pursuit of excellence, honesty, and having the willingness to do the good but difficult things. We also believe in fair, transparent pricing.

These values guide us in our mission to make the world a fitter place.

With Dr. Muscle, your fitness goals are within reach. Experience the difference that science and AI can make in your training. Try Dr. Muscle, the future of fitness.


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