How to Work Out Offline With Dr. Muscle

Customer Theo is a Greek sailor.

Most of the year, he works on big cargo boats. They have a gym, but it’s down inside, with poor connection. He's having a hard time using the app.

Here's how to get around the problem.

Connect once and load your whole workout in Dr. Muscle

If you work out in a gym that’s underground or with bad Wi-Fi, maybe you can relate. But with this trick, you’ll only need to connect once before your workout, and once at the end (to save your progress). If you only have connection at home, that works too. Connect before you leave the house and when you return. And voilà!

How to Work Out Offline With Dr. Muscle

  1. Open your workout
  2. Tap on each exercise to open them (you’ll notice the app loads your sets and reps)
  3. Once all your exercises are loaded, you can get offline, work out, and save your sets (just don’t “Finish and save” your exercises yet)
  4. Once you’ve saved all your sets, get back online and “Finish and save” each exercise