Update 852: Custom programs and connection error/timer fix (step 1/2)

This new update brings custom programs to Dr. Muscle. Quick background story:

A few years ago, I tried training Westside. If you don’t know Westside, it’s a training system for powerlifting where you change your main lift often. You also have strength days (“max effort”) and power days (“dynamic effort”). Bottom line, it was a mess to keep track of. Almost every workout had some variation, and I’d spend quite a bit of time just finding my way around my program. If you’ve tried complex programs before, you’ll know what I mean.

Well, our latest update will help prevent that. I’m happy to announce we’ve just released a small update with 2 features:

1- Added custom programs (in workouts > custom > program). Programs contain workouts, just like workouts contain exercises. Coming soon, the app will cycle automatically between the workouts of your program. You’ll also see this information on your home screen.

This helps you keep track of which workout is next, and is especially useful if you work out on an unsual cycle (like a 5-day cycle) or many different training days (like Westside). We’ll be using this feature a lot with the level 3 workouts, because level 3 workouts will have A/B/C versions of each workout (that’s up to 6 workouts per program). Level 3 workouts are coming soon, and this update is a building block for them.

2- We’ve also improved crash detection and automated bug reporting. We have 5 users (mostly on iPhone) reporting “connection error” and timer bugs. This release is step 1 of 2 in fixing these bugs.

The update is already out on Android, and under review by Apple (should be out in 1-2 days).