Build Muscle at Home With Bands: Convenient, Cheap & Versatile

Build Muscle at Home With Bands: Convenient, Cheap & Versatile

Bands are cheap, lightweight, and portable.

Unlike dumbbells, you can do pushing and pulling exercise with them.

You can also train your legs pretty hard with bands (normally, you'd need a bar and plates for that).

Have a look:

Bands Exercises to Build Muscle at Home

Build muscle with bands

Build muscle with bands (photo credit Whatafit—no affiliation)

Home Workout to Build Muscle With Bands

Here’s a quick workout you can do at home with bands. It works out your entire body:

  1. Push-up with bands
  2. Seated Row with bands
  3. Shoulder Press with bands
  4. Band Row
  5. Triceps Extension with bands
  6. Band Curl
  7. Front Squat with bands
  8. Crunch
  • Reps: 8-15 (keep 1-2 reps in reserve)
  • Sets: 2-4 (depending on your level—rest-pause sets are more efficient)
  • Frequency: 2-4 workouts a week depending on your level and age (fewer if you’re older or very strong, more if you’re young or just starting out)

Bands Are Cheap

Note: I’m not getting paid to recommend any of the following.

While a full set of dumbbells with a bar and plates can cost you $1,000, you can get a full set of bands for as low as $23.99. I’ve used bands with clients, and done a bit of price shopping for this article. Amazon vendors seem to have the best prices, and generous money-back guarantees. [May not be up to date.]

Advanced Methods for Your Band Workouts

I made the workout above simple, so you can easily print it and go. But for best results, you may want to look into these proven training methods:

They take time to master, but are worth the investment. If you’re looking for a shortcut, you can try our smart workout app, Dr. Muscle. It tells you what to do when you work out, like a personal trainer. And it applies the above methods automatically, plus 19 more.