Coronavirus: The Hammer and the Dance

Update: Since translating The Hammer and the Dance, I have joined Tomas Pueyo’s volunteer team. We have published 3 more articles on Medium (one, two, three) and we’re publishing a scientific study of Cost-effective Interventions to Suppress the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Tomas Pueyo, the author of Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now, just wrote another huge piece titled Coronavirus: The Hammer and the Dance.

In short, in this piece, Pueyo argues that:

Strong coronavirus measures today should only last a few weeks, there shouldn’t be a big peak of infections afterwards, and it can all be done for a reasonable cost to society, saving millions of lives along the way. If we don’t take these measures, tens of millions will be infected, many will die, along with anybody else that requires intensive care, because the healthcare system will have collapsed.

Pueyo’s first article was viewed 40 million times. It inspired me to write COVID-19: Why America May Be Hit Hard for 3-4 Months and warn people about the virus.

So I translated The Hammer and the Dance to French. It’s on Medium as well—Coronavirus: le marteau et la danse.