Fitbod Alternative for Android: Workout App like Fitbod

The best alternative to Fitbod for Android

Fitbod Alternative for Android: Workout App like Fitbod

Fitbod is a popular workout app on iPhone. It launched in 2015.

But the Android version only launched 5 years later, in 2020. Development has been slow, and many users are unhappy with the Android app.

They report it’s missing key features, like the:

  • Ability to save custom workouts,
  • Ability to view upcoming workouts

Some also say customer service is “poor”.

So, you may be looking for a Fitbod alternative for Android. Here, we’ll review three major problems with Fitbod for Android, and give you our best alternative workout app.

Ready? Let’s jump in.

The problems with Fitbod for Android

Ever since launching in 2020, the Fitbod app for Android has been having problems. Those include:

  • Incomplete feature set
  • Slow development
  • Customer support that is “not very helpful”

These problems have led to a lot of negative reviews and a general feeling among users that the app is not worth the price on Android. Let’s dive in.

Fitbod Android vs iOS: Incomplete feature set

Fitbod for Android was launched 5 years after the iOS version. So, users report its feature set are way behind. For example, for a long time, you could not save your custom workouts on the Android version of the app.

Fitbod app store review cannot save workout

According to Fitbod’s Plans for Android update, this feature is now available since October 2022. However, the following iOS features are still not available on Android:

  • Achievements
  • Timed Intervals
  • View Upcoming Workouts
  • Streaks
  • Workout Schedule & Preview
  • More Sign-in options

As you can see, there are quite a few differences between the Fitbod Android app and the iOS app. The Android app is also missing other key features, such as the ability to sync workouts and gym profiles between iOS and Android. According to Fitbod:

“When you first log into Android from an account created on iOS you will be prompted to transfer your workout data across. After this initial transfer, your workouts will not sync between the platforms again. For example, completing a workout on iOS will not sync the workout to Android, and completing a workout on Android will not sync the workout to iOS. If you have multiple Your Gym profiles these will also not sync from iOS to Android as Android does not currently support this feature as of right now.”

Additionally, the Android app does not have as many customization options as the iOS app.

Fitbod for Android: Slow development

Fitbod’s development has been slow on Android, with only a few major updates released since its launch. In 2021, Fitbod shared an update to explain the situation. According to Fitbod, there were three primary reasons:

  1. Their “small team has been focused” elsewhere (rebuilding infrastructure)
  2. They had “unexpected changes” to their Android team, leaving them with “a very small team” for 6 months
  3. They focused on shipping their “wearable experience for Android” (instead of other core features).

This has led users to complain. For example:


Customer support that is “not very helpful”

Customer support for Fitbod Android has been described as “not very helpful” by some users.

There have been complaints about the lack of response from customer support, and about the difficulty of getting in touch with a representative. Some users have also reported that their issues were not resolved after contacting customer support. For example:

Trustpilot review extremely poor support

The review above is from Trustpilot, where Fitbod is rated 3.8 out of 5 stars.

Fitbod for Android Reddit (users complain)

Users have complained on Reddit that the Fitbod app for Android does not work well, echoing the problems raised above. For example:

  • “So many times I’ve created my workout from scratch in the app, swiped away so I could come back to it later, and when I do come back to it it has replaced my workout with their workout. I am so over this app.” -Rykard22, Fitbod on Android does not work well
  • “PLEASE give android users more features. It’s crazy that we can’t even track progress via graphs in the app.” -Zakari1331, Update frustration (android user)
  • “I’m sorry, but is android actually being developed? Or are the devs just happy to rake in the cash and do nothing? We have nothing close to feature parity, pay full price, there is no communication as to what, if anything is being worked on.” -JamesJabberwocky, Is Android actually being developed?

The best alternative to Fitbod for Android: Dr. Muscle

There are quite a few alternatives to Fitbod when it comes to weight lifting apps.

But we believe Dr. Muscle is the best alternative to Fitbod on Android.

The world’s smartest workout app

With 23+ smart features, Dr. Muscle is the world’s smartest workout app.

Just like Fitbod, it creates workouts unique to you based on your goals, equipment, past workouts, and more. It also guides you as you work out. But unlike Fitbod, Dr. Muscle is focused on building muscle and transforming your body.

It also gets you in shape faster with its 23+ smart features (like automatic progressive overload). Those work in real time to optimize your training, recovery, and diet. Like a top trainer would.

Full disclosure

In 2016, I finished my PhD, gathered a small team, and started building Dr. Muscle. Fitbod didn’t exist at the time, but both apps have grown to be similar. There are a few key differences though:

  • We built Dr. Muscle to be the world’s smartest workout app. With its 23+ smart features, it gets you in shape faster. Period.
  • Dr. Muscle 23+ smart features work in real time to optimize your training, recovery, and diet. Fitbod does not help with your diet. That’s a big limitation if you’re looking to get in top shape.
  • Dr. Muscle creates workouts unique to you (like Fitbod). But it’s focused on building muscle and transforming your body.

All features available on Android

More importantly for this review, unlike Fitbod, Dr. Muscle was released on both Android and iOS at the same time (in 2016). Both versions are identical. And you have access to all features on the Android version of the app. And all new features released every month!

Dr. Muscle is a worthy competitor to Fitbod on iOS. But on Android, there’s no contest. It’s simply the best alternative to Fitbod.

Plus, you can try Dr. Muscle for free with all features for 14 days, and it has a free plan that lets you continue working out after your free trial ends. You can get in great shape with Dr. Muscle without ever paying a penny.

Ready to put your progress on autopilot with a full feature set on Android? Try Dr. Muscle today—it’s free.


Is fitbod on Android?

Yes, Fitbod is available on Android devices through the Google Play Store. However, it was released 5 years after the iOS version. So, it’s features are limited, and many users have been looking for an alternative.

Best Fitbod alternative for Android

In our opinion, Dr. Muscle is the best alternative to Fitbod on Android.

With 23+ smart features, it’s the world’s smartest workout app. More importantly, unlike Fitbod, Dr. Muscle is identical on iOS and Android. So, you have access to all of its smart features on Android. And to all new features releases.

Dr. Muscle’s 23+ smart features get you in shape faster and work in real time to optimize your training, recovery, and diet. Try it today—it’s free.

Other alternatives to Fitbod

If you’re looking for more alternatives to Fitbod, there are plenty of other options available.

One popular alternative is the Nike Training Club app, which offers a variety of workout programs and exercises to choose from. Another option is the free 7 Minute Workout app, which provides quick and effective workouts that can be done anywhere.

If you’re looking for something a little different, try out Daily Yoga, which offers yoga and meditation classes for all levels. There are also many other fitness apps available for Android devices.

How much is the Fitbod app?

Fitbod costs $12.99 a month or $79.99 a year.

Is Fitbod free?

Unfortunately, Fitbod is not free. But we’ve found 5 free alternatives to Fitbod. Note that they may not all be available on Android.

Our own alternative to Fitbod, the Dr. Muscle workout app, has a free plan and is available on Android.