HEVY Workout App: Independent Review

Can the HEVY app help you build muscle and strength?

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Have you ever been to the gym and figured you'd just remember what you did to keep track?

I mean, it's only a couple numbers in your head, how hard can it be?

Eventually, you inevitably find out it's actually pretty difficult and you have no idea what you should do in gym the next session. Well, HEVY might be able to fix that.

HEVY is marketed as an "advanced" fitness tracker.

By that I mean it's main function is to help you log your workouts by tracking exercises, load, reps and such. Where it stands out is its inclusion of several more advanced features such as tracking of:

  • RPE
  • Detailed progress
  • Advanced stats

Plus, it's free. Well, at least the basic version. Sure it can track weights but can it help you actually become fit? Find out in this full review of HEVY.

Who I Am: Why I'm Qualified To Write This

My name is Garett Reid and I have been in this industry for over well over 10 years. Some of my accolades include:

  • Master in Exercise Science
  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) of the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA)
  • Certified by the International Society of Sports Nutrition (CISSN)
  • Vice President of NSCA Strongman SIG (Special Interest Group)
  • Published in the NSCA COACH journal

Further, I have been in the gym for over 20 years and have seen this industry grow. This includes all of the changes and improvements in what we know through research.

In A Nutshell—HEVY Independent Review

HEVY is marketed as an advanced fitness tracker. "Advanced" because it provides more tools than other workout logs, such as tracking various stats including your weights.

On one hand, it's a pretty good fitness tracker. On the other hand, it's only a fitness tracker. HEVY offers no assistance with exercise selection, program design or weight selection.

With that in mind, this app is not for anyone looking extra guidance in the gym. Somethings to consider before purchasing it are:

The "free" version has limited capabilities
Bugs that cause black screens are reported
Offers no actual assistance

All in all, HEVY is a cool little app if you just need a tool to help you track your numbers. However, if you're looking for any guidance, you'll need to keep looking.

What Makes My Review Different

There are other reviews out there that rate this app by judging it's ability to help you track your weight. I'll be reviewing HEVY based on how well I think it can help support muscle growth.

While that may sound similar, it's actually significantly different. I'll be looking at HEVY through the eyes of a beginner and trying to determine how valuable it would be to build muscle. In other words, I won't just be reviewing HEVY's ability to track weights. I'm tracking it's ability to assist you in achieving success in the gym.

If you're currently looking for an app to help you in the gym and give you advice, this the HEVY review for you. I'll let you know if HEVY is going to help you while also introduce you to an app I know will help you, Dr. Muscle.

HEVY App: A Quick Overview

HEVY is a fitness tracker and workout planner that allows you to build your own programs and then track your progress. It's an alternative to using pen and paper to track your workouts so you can take your workouts to the next level.

However, where HEVY stands out is it goes beyond just being a fitness tracker as the app features a host of other useful features. Some of these are:

  • Timer
  • Weight tracking
  • Track notes
  • Measure several other stats and variables

It's designed so that you're able to construct your routine using it's library of exercises. You can then input everything you want such as:

  • Reps
  • Sets
  • Load

From there, you just do your thing. It's a useful app that basically just keeps you on track with your workouts. You no longer need to remember what you did "last week".

While it looks like a promising app in terms of fitness trackers, it runs into similar road blocks other fitness trackers have. This road block is just that; they're a fitness "tracker". Many lifter may purchase this thinking they're buying a nice fitness app that will help them workout. It won't.

Still, that doesn't make it bad as long as you know what you you're purchasing. This review of HEVY will go over in more detail this and some of the other issues it has. At the same time, this review will introduce to the app Dr. Muscle if you are looking for a more in depth fitness app.

Drawbacks With HEVY

Overall HEVY is pretty good app IF all you're looking for is a fitness tracker. However, even still, there are some issues with HEVY you should be aware of if you're thinking of using the app.

Very Limited "Free" Option

To me it seems like HEVY offers a free version purely for marketing purposes. In other words, they can market a "free app" even though it's pretty limited.

For example, here are some of the limitations you have when using their free version:

  • You can only create 4 routines
  • Only 7 custom exercises
  • "Unlimited Graph history for only 3 months
  • Minimal measurement tracking

Granted, the Pro version is not that much money ($2.99/month) so it's not that much money. However, I think the "free" version is better advertised as a "trial" as you'll definitely need the Pro version if you plan on using the app seriously.

Will Not Assist Or Guide You

I want to be clear about this. HEVY is not supposed to actually guide your workout. It's not supposed to write you a program nor is it supposed to tell you what to do in your next session. On that note, this is not a criticism.

However, what it is is something to be aware of before your purchase it. For example, this review could have used this advice.

Now, I don't agree it should have been given a 1-star. However, it shows that some people will buy this with the wrong impression.

If you're looking for an app to actually assist you in the gym, HEVY is not it.

Issue With The Timer

One of the more useful widgets of basic trackers is an active timer. It can be easy to lost with time when you're tired and an a timer can keep you on track.

While HEVY does have one, there seems to be various issues that people complain about. For example:

  • Only counting to 30 seconds
  • Timer is muted
  • Timer automatically shuts off

Again, this is one of the more common complaints of the app. A reliant timer is very important for many people making this a possible stumbling block.

Programming Issues

Even though HEVY is primarily a fitness tracker, it does have a few programs that you can use to some degree. For example, they have a 3-day full-body split (training the full body each day).

You can use the whole thing for a 3-day split OR you can just use one day. At first I thought this may be useful so that brand new beginners at least have something to start on.

However, upon further examination, I noticed these programs aren't great. For example, with full body training split, you only have one leg exercise per day.

When you consider each day has 6 exercises, you see the lower body is heavily neglected.

Black Screens And Bugs (Caused By New Update?)

It appears as if something has happened in a newer update as there seems to be an increased amount of 1-star reviews. Specifically, these reviews talk about how all of a sudden, the app experiences various problems such as:

  • Not loading
  • Lagging
  • Randomly going to black screen

I'm not sure what to make of this or what caused it. Further, I don't know if it's still an issue. For example, some of the reviews are:

I'm unable to make out how common of an issue this is but it seems to be a somewhat common.

HEVY For Bodybuilding

Can you use HEVY for bodybuilding? Well that would depend on if you know how to write an effective bodybuilding program.

As HEVY only helps you track numbers, it won't give you advice on what exercises or rep scheme to use. If you just need an app to help you track numbers, HEVY could be a useful choice.

However, if you need any help with your programming, HEVY will fail to deliver.

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Summing Up: HEVY App Review

All in all, HEVY is a decent fitness tracker even with it's flaws. It's a simple daily program tracker so as long as your expectations are in check, you will probably be pretty happy with HEVY.

After using it for some time, I find that HEVY does a good job as tracker. It's relatively easy to use and has enough gadgets to make lifting a bit more interesting.

However, you just need to understand that's all HEVY does if you're thinking of purchasing it. It will not offer you any assistance.

This doesn't make it a bad app as this is not it's intention; it's not designed to guide you through a program. On the other hand, you just need to know you'll have to keep looking if you're wanting more.

Dr. Muscle: An Alternative App For Everyone

Unlike HEVY, Dr. Muscle is a serious training app that's going to actually guide you in your training. With Dr. Muscle, you won't have to guess what you should do next as it just tells you. With Dr. Muscle, tracking your weights is just a small fraction of it's full capabilities.

Check out why Dr. Muscle might be for you.

It's For Lifters Who Are Serious About Getting Fit

In the world of training apps, there are a lot of options to choose from. Many of these apps will even tell you what to do or provide workouts. However, what they actually provide does not qualify as professional coaching or advice.

Many apps will merely give you pre-written workouts to give you something to do. These apps will often "prescribe" a training program when in reality, it's a cookie-cutter program that varies in effectiveness; it could be built just to "have fun" or it may just lack in effectiveness.

Either way, it's not optimized you. Sometimes it may still work but it's definitely not for serious lifters. Serious lifters need a program that is tailored to meet their needs. This is exactly what Dr. Muscle does.

Dr. Muscle is the serious lifter who is wanting to train professionally without paying a ton of cash. It's going to take your training to levels it's likely never been to enable you to reach new goals.

Tailored Training For A Personalized Experience

Dr. Muscle goes beyond merely explaining workout routines; it tailors a workout plan that closely resembles what a certified coach would custom design for you. In fact, the programs it provides are very similar to what I would write, just at a cheaper price.

To put its capabilities to the test, I have experimented by inputting different information during it's setup to gauge its responsiveness. I anticipated some variance in the workouts, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it consistently adjusted the program in a manner akin to a certified coach. Again, something like what I would do.

Moreover, Dr. Muscle continually refines your program as you make progress. It adapts based on your input, which could includes;

All of this is done to optimize your specific training experience. This level of adaptability is pivotal as it essentially means you won't require another fitness app.

If you want to focus on building strength, tell the app and it will set you adjust your training. Want to emphasize hypertrophy? Again, you just need to tell the app and it will make the appropriate changes.

What you essentially acquire is a personal trainer in your pocket, ready to guide you for as long as you need.

Uses Elite Programming

Utilizing the most up-to-date and scientifically supported training methods, Dr. Muscle tailors an individual program for everyone by applying the latest in exercise science research. Rest assured that your program is optimized without any components based on fad instead of science. For example;

  1. Dr. Muscle incorporates additional techniques such as Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE), which is an autoregulation method for measuring the appropriate intensity. Research indicates its high efficacy in managing fatigue and promoting progress (Impellizzeri, 2004).
  2. Dr. Muscle uses Daily Undulating Periodization (DUP), a method that adjusts volume and intensity daily, has been shown to offer superior benefits compared to other periodization forms (Zourdos, et al. 2016).
  3. Dr. Muscle also includes Rest-Pause Sets, a specialized set type involving shorter rest intervals, which studies have demonstrated to significantly enhance strength and muscle growth compared to traditional training (Karmifard, et al. 2023).

HEVY Vs. Dr. Muscle: Side-By-Side Comparison

Chart 1- Comparison of Dr. Muscle and HEVY
Dr. Muscle HEVY
Exercise demos? Yes Yes
Who is it designed for? Trainees who are looking for a quality program that they can follow to build muscle and strength while improving body composition Someone who only needs help tracking their workouts
Set-Up Time Simple and straightforward that takes less than 5 minutes. Simplistic goal-specific design. Has a very long initial questionaire to fill out
Program Design AI designed by leading muscle building researchers creates a baseline program from your information including training experience.

Monitor each exercise using your effort and ‘reps in reserve’ to adjust loads depending on actual performance.

Suggests adjustments and rest ‘de-loads’ based on your individual progress.

Can run forever
Only acts as a fitness tracker

You must build your own workout routines
Home workouts available? Yes Again, no workouts but it does contain home exercises to build your own home workout

HEVY Vs. Dr. Muscle: Summary

Comparing HEVY to Dr. Muscle really isn't fair as they're simply not the same thing. Even though they're both fitness apps, they're built for different uses.

HEVY is simply made for those gym goers who need to track their workouts. These people don't need help with their programming nor with how much load to lift. These people just need a method to to keep records of their workouts.

On the other hand, Dr. Muscle is going to do everything for you; it's basically a trainer in your pocket.

Dr. Muscle can is definitely going to be the better choice for beginners who need a lot of help but don't feel like paying for a personal trainer. With Dr. Muscle, you'll get similar levels of guidance without paying nearly as much money.

Still, Dr. Muscle can be used by trainees of all levels and is. Basically, anyone who wants to take the guess work out of their programing will benefit from Dr. Muscle.

Verified Reviews for Dr. Muscle


How much does HEVY cost?

HEVY has several option. First there is a free version. However, many complain of its usefulness. It then has 3 payment options:

  • Monthly: $3.99 (discounted $2.99) 
  • Yearly - $23.99 (discounted $21.59) 
  • Lifetime - $74.99

Does HEVY have workouts?

Kind of. HEVY offers various daily workouts that can be used as part of another plan or they can be placed together. For example:

  • Full Body 1
  • Full Body 2
  • Full Body 3

You can use one or all of these in a program. However, as mentioned above, the programing is not of high caliber.

Does HEVY work on PC?

Currently, HEVY is only able to be used on Android or Apple.

My Take On HEVY

After using HEVY for about a week, I did see it's potential for a certain demographic. This demographic is those who simply need an easier way to track their programs to optimize their training.

Some of the characteristics of those who fall in this demographic are those who:

  • Already have a program
  • Know how to progress
  • Are able to read their own body
  • Know when to take pull back to recover and when they can push it harder

These people have the knowledge and experience to train effectively by themselves. Therefore, HEVY would be a great asset. When compared to other fitness trackers, HEVY does seem to stand out.

However, from experience, there is a small percentage of people who meet these requirements. And to be clear, I don't mean people who think they meet these requirements but those who can truly run their own program by themselves.

If you find that you need more than just a tracker, I strongly suggest you check out Dr. Muscle. It's the most thorough and effective fitness app that I've used and most closely resembles what it's like having an actual trainer.

If you've been looking for a more serious app to take your training to the next level, I think you should definitely give Dr. Muscle a look.