Honest App Review: Home Workout - No Equipments

In-depth look with pros and cons, screenshots, price, and more

Honest App Review: Home Workout - No Equipments
  • Are you tired of being bombarded with workout options that leave you more confused than motivated?
  • Do you want a workout app that offers more than just a generic list of exercises?

Look no further than Home Workout - No Equipments, the app that promises to deliver a variety of workouts without requiring any equipment. Sounds great, right?

Unfortunately, what you see is not always what you get.

While this app may look impressive on the surface, it quickly becomes clear that it lacks the structure and personalization that serious bodybuilders crave. With static programs and false claims about targeted fat loss, it feels like there's no real bodybuilding expert working behind the scenes.

Sure, they might have done some research on how to create a program, but without cohesion and a real understanding of what serious lifters need, this app falls short.

Let's take a closer look and see why this app fails to deliver on its promises.

In a nutshell

In summary, this article provides a review of the Home Workout - No Equipments app and highlights why it may not be the best choice for everyone. The article also introduces a better alternative workout app that is backed by science and provides personalized workout plans.

Here are the main takeaways from this article:

  • Home Workout- No Equipments is a free app that offers a library of bodyweight workouts, but it lacks personalization and may not be suitable for those looking for a long-term program with clear objectives.
  • We have come across alternative options that are either free or offer superior capabilities. Considering the price, it appears that Home Workout- No Equipments is not the best option.
  • Ultimately, the best workout app for you will depend on your goals, experience level, and personal preferences. It is important to do your research and choose an app that aligns with your needs and provides the support you need to achieve your fitness goals.


Programs Efficacy 2.5/5

The Home Workout - No Equipments app positions itself as a comprehensive solution for fitness enthusiasts who want to exercise from the comfort of their homes. However, the app falls short in providing specialized and custom-tailored workout programs for its users. The one-size-fits-all approach seems to be the norm, which is disappointing for those who have specific fitness goals or require personalization based on their fitness levels, body types, or health conditions. Thus, the overall program efficacy is rated as 2.5 out of 5. While the workouts are easy to follow and may be beneficial for beginners, advanced lifters may find the lack of depth and specialization underwhelming.

User Interface 3.8/5

One aspect where the Home Workout app shines is its clean and clutter-free user interface. Everything is neatly categorized and easy to find. The text is legible, and the visual aids for exercises are straightforward and useful. However, the overall aesthetics feel somewhat dated, lacking the sleek and modern touch that many of its contemporaries sport. While this doesn't impact the functionality, it does affect the overall user experience, making the interface feel less engaging than it could be. Hence, the user interface earns a score of 3.8 out of 5.

Value 2/5

Given the lack of personalization and advanced features, the value that the Home Workout - No Equipments app offers is below par. Workout programs are generic and mainly based on bodyweight programs. Hence, the app scores a low 2 out of 5 on value. It can serve as a starting point for beginners but may not be the best choice for those serious about fitness.

User Experience 2.8/5

When it comes to the user experience, the Home Workout - No Equipments app again falls short. The app's overall setup feels more like browsing through a catalog of generic workout programs rather than a comprehensive fitness journey. Users might feel overwhelmed by the list-like structure of workouts without clear guidance on where to start or how to progress.  Therefore, the app scores a 2.8 out of 5 in this category. An improved design philosophy focused on personalized approach could drastically improve this score.

Home Workout- No Equipments key features

One of the selling points of Home Workout- No Equipments is its extensive workout library, which is mostly based on bodyweight exercises. While this may sound like a great feature, it can quickly become overwhelming for users without a solid understanding of exercise science. With multiple workouts that focus on different areas of the body, it's easy for users to get lost and end up doing exercises that may not be the best for their specific goals.

While this app may be an okay solution for those who can't afford a gym membership and need a few bodyweight programs, it falls short for anyone willing to dish out a bit of cash and wanting to work out in a gym setting. The poor selection of equipment-focused workouts and personalized plans means that serious bodybuilders will likely not find what they're looking for in this app. Ultimately, the Home Workout- No Equipments app fails to deliver on its promise of being a comprehensive workout solution for all levels of lifters.

How we rate and review product

We take the process of reviewing workout apps seriously. The reality of the workout app market is that less than 10% of the app on the stores are made by real experts. To ensure that our reviews are honest and accurate, we open the app and check every page to understand the programs, analyzing how someone with limited knowledge of exercise would progress using the app, and analyzing the value given for the cost.

Our team is made up of a 20-year experienced trainer who holds a Ph.D. in public health and a writer with extensive experience in bodybuilding. While we admit that we are selling a competing app, we believe in providing honest and accurate reviews to help our readers make informed decisions about the products they choose to invest in.

First impression using Home Workout - No Equipments

Upon first using Home Workout- No Equipments, the app gives off a clean and organized impression. The user interface is sleek and sorted by objectives, making it easy to browse and quickly open a workout. However, upon closer inspection, the app's entry questionnaire feels more like a sales qualifying questionnaire than a bodybuilding questionnaire.

In the context of a workout app, a qualifying questionnaire may ask questions related to the user's age, fitness level, and questions that make you believe what is coming is personalized for you.

After filling the questionnaire everyone ends up in the same page of the app where you get to choose program. The problem is the promises and the title of the program reveals the very little knowledge of exercise science the devs of the app have.

For those looking for a free workout solution, this app may seem like an ok temporary solution. However, for experienced bodybuilders, the app lacks the necessary personalization and substance needed to achieve their specific goals. Our experienced eye sees beyond the catchy wording for workouts and notices that the exercises are generic and lack cohesion in a personalized program.

In short, while the Home Workout- No Equipments app may appear appealing at first glance, it falls short in delivering a personalized workout program for experienced bodybuilders.

Home Workout - No Equipments training program analysis

Bodyweight workouts have many benefits, including improving strength, flexibility, and endurance. However, there are also some potential downsides to this type of exercise:

  1. Limited resistance: The resistance provided by bodyweight exercises is limited to the individual's body weight, which may not be sufficient for individuals who are more advanced in their training or looking to build significant muscle mass.
  2. Plateau effect: Bodyweight exercises can become less challenging as you become stronger and more accustomed to the exercises, leading to a plateau in progress.
  3. Difficulty with isolation exercises: Bodyweight exercises can be challenging to perform with proper form, especially when attempting to isolate specific muscle groups.
  4. Joint strain: Some bodyweight exercises, such as push-ups or squats, can place a significant amount of strain on joints such as the wrists, knees, or shoulders, especially if performed improperly or excessively.
  5. Limited exercise variety: While there are many bodyweight exercises that can be performed, the exercise variety may be limited compared to using gym equipment, which may lead to boredom or lack of motivation.
  6. Difficulty with progression: It can be challenging to progress in bodyweight workouts, especially when attempting to perform more advanced exercises, such as one-arm push-ups or pistol squats.

Overall, bodyweight workouts can be an effective and convenient way to improve fitness, but they may have some limitations, especially for individuals looking to build significant muscle mass or achieve specific fitness goals.

The app also offers gym workouts that may provide a more challenging and varied workout. The downside of these gym workouts, however, is that they are not personalized. This means that the app does not take into account an individual's specific fitness level, goals, or limitations when creating the workout plan. This lack of personalization can lead to ineffective or even unsafe workouts, as the exercises and weights recommended may not be appropriate for the individual. Personalization is an important aspect of any effective training program, and the lack of it in the gym workouts offered by Home Workout- No Equipments may limit their effectiveness for some users.

The main problem with Home Workout - No Equipments

While the Home Workout- No Equipments app offers a wide range of workout programs to choose from, there are some potential downsides to constantly switching up your routine. One of the main issues is that it can be difficult to determine whether a new program is truly effective for your individual goals and fitness level without giving it enough time to see results. When you constantly switch programs, it can be hard to track progress and determine which exercises and routines are working best for you.

In addition, constantly changing up your routine can lead to a higher risk of injury. If you're not consistently practicing certain movements, your muscles and joints may not be adequately prepared for the new demands placed on them. This can increase the likelihood of strain or injury, especially if you're performing more challenging exercises or pushing yourself too hard without proper preparation.

Overall, while it can be tempting to switch programs frequently in search of the "perfect" workout routine, it's important to be mindful of the potential risks and downsides. By taking the time to assess your individual goals and needs, and focusing on consistent, progressive training over time, you may be able to achieve better long-term results and minimize your risk of injury

How much does Home Workout - No Equipments cost?

Home Workout - No Equipments app offers both a free and paid version. The free version of the app is ad-supported, meaning that users may see ads while using the app. The paid version of the app costs $39 per year and includes access to additional features, such as personalized workout plans and progress tracking.


On the outset, Home Workout - No Equipments generously offers a seven-day full access trial. However, once the honeymoon period is over, the experience rapidly deteriorates. You're abruptly tossed into the realm of limited access, where only a small fraction of the workouts are available to you. It seems they're using the time-limited, full access as a teaser to get you hooked before curtailing the services.

Moreover, the free version is ad-supported, which quickly becomes a nuisance. Advertisements tend to pop up at inopportune moments, disrupting your flow during workouts. The quality of your workouts may be compromised due to these frequent, unexpected interruptions. It's clear that they use this discomfort as a means to pressure users into considering the paid version.

Moving on to the paid version, at a cursory glance, the price tag of $39 per year might seem reasonable. But is it really? Let's delve deeper.

The annual subscription gives you access to all the workouts and features, offering an ad-free experience. Yet, there is little innovation in the workout routines available. Most of them are variations on a theme and don't offer anything significantly different from what you might find freely available elsewhere on the internet.

Home Workout - No Equipments value analysis

Home Workout- No Equipments app provides a convenient and accessible way to access a library of bodyweight exercises, but  it may not be the best option for individuals who are looking for a personalized approach to their fitness goals. The app's generic paid programs may not provide the individualized support and guidance necessary to achieve specific fitness goals, and the free programs may not be sufficient for individuals who are more advanced in their training.

The app can be a useful tool for individuals who are new to fitness and looking for a starting point, it may not be the best option for those who are looking to achieve more significant results in a shorter amount of time. Ultimately, the app's value depends on the individual's fitness goals and level of experience. The app best value is the couple bodyweight workouts you will find for free but everything else can be found easily online.

It’s not a good tracker, it’s not an ai workout generator, it doesn’t do anything better than any other app. It’s main focus is to onboard free to pay users wishing to do bodyweight exercises in hopes they subscribe to have access to their generic programs

You can expect more of the same after reading the name of the app. Generic stuff.

Home Workout- No Equipments Red flags

When it comes to choosing a fitness app, it's important to be aware of potential red flags that may indicate the app isn't the right fit for your goals and needs. In the case of Home Workout- No Equipments, there are a few aspects that may give users pause:

Red flag #1: Not personalized

While the app offers a variety of workout programs, they are not personalized to the individual user. This means that the programs may not be tailored to specific fitness goals, limitations, or preferences.

Red flag #2: Bodyweight workout

While bodyweight workouts can be effective, they may not be suitable for everyone. Users who are looking to build significant muscle mass or who prefer using gym equipment may not find the app's focus on bodyweight exercises to be helpful. It's definitely not suitable for people trying to lose weight

Red flag #3: It looks more like a workout shop with catchy workout names than a training app

The app's focus on catchy workout names and trendy exercises may appeal to some users, but it may not provide the level of guidance and support that users need to make progress towards their fitness goals.

Why so many positive reviews for Home Workout- No Equipments despite its flaws?

It's not unusual to come across apps with numerous positive reviews despite being average or even subpar. This trend can be explained by a range of factors, such as the app's marketing tactics and users' inclination to provide favorable feedback. Development companies with substantial budgets are known to invest heavily in advertisements, which can result in the app being downloaded by a large number of users who may not possess the expertise to evaluate workout plans accurately. Moreover, requesting reviews immediately after a workout when the user is potentially under the influence of endorphins can lead to overly positive feedback. It's crucial to take these factors into account while assessing the credibility of an app's reviews.

Home Workout- No Equipments Reviews from the app store

Reading reviews from the App Store can be a helpful way to gain insight into the user experience of an app. Here are some screenshots of recent reviews for the Home Workout- No Equipments app.

Why Home workout- no Equipments  may not be for you

Wheter  you are a beginner or someone experienced who is looking for a long-term workout program with clear objectives, Home Workout- No Equipmenst might not be the right app for you. Our expert analysis suggests that Home Workout- No Equipments is more like a bad gym log rather than a well-organized workout library. It lacks the personalized touch and expertise that beginners need to get started and succeed in their fitness journey. It is best to follow a plan made by experts who understand what it takes to build strength, endurance, and flexibility. Home Workout- No Equipments is not be the best fit for individuals seeking a comprehensive and effective workout program.

A better alternative to Home workout- no Equipments

The next section of the article introduces our app as a superior alternative to Home Workout- No Equipments. At Dr. Muscle, we understand that finding the right workout program for your individual needs can be overwhelming, which is why we take the guesswork out of the equation. Our app provides personalized workout plans tailored to your specific fitness goals and level, taking into account any limitations or injuries you may have. With Dr. Muscle, you'll have access to a PhD-level trainer to answer any questions you may have and guide you through your fitness journey. Say goodbye to generic workout programs and hello to a customized approach that yields real results.

Why Dr. Muscle is the best workout app

Dr. Muscle stands out as the best workout app because it was created by a 20-year experienced trainer with a Ph.D. in public health. Unlike other workout apps, Dr. Muscle takes care of the hard work of creating a personalized program for you based on your fitness level, goals, and available equipment. In fact, it would take an experienced human coach about an hour to make the calculations that Dr. Muscle does in seconds.

Dr. Muscle applies essential principles such as progressive overload, specificity, recovery, consistency, variation, individualization, specific time under tension, frequency, intensity, volume, specific exercise selection, and periodization. These principles are important because they ensure that you are working out in the most effective manner, targeting your specific bodybuilding goals, and making progress towards them. For example, progressive overload ensures that your muscles are being challenged and getting stronger, while periodization helps prevent injury and plateaus by varying your workout intensity over time.

Dr. Muscle's personalized approach means that every workout is tailored to your unique needs and bodybuilding level, ensuring that you get the most out of each session. With access to a Ph.D. level trainer, you can ask questions and get expert guidance on exercise form, nutrition, and recovery, all from the comfort of your own home. Dr. Muscle is the ultimate solution for anyone who wants a workout app that is tailored to their individual needs and helps them achieve their fitness goals faster and safer

Try Dr. Muscle today, it's free.


Q: Is Home Workout- No Equipments the best workout app?

A: As we mentioned earlier in this article, Home Workout- No Equipments is an average workout app that has limited value for people looking for a personalized long-term workout program. There are many other workout apps available that offer better features and benefits, including Dr. Muscle.

Q: Is there a better app than Home Workout- No Equipments?

A: Yes, there are many other workout apps available that offer better features and benefits, including Dr. Muscle. Dr. Muscle was created by a 20-year experienced trainer with a Ph.D. in public health, and it provides a personalized workout program based on scientific principles and individual needs.

Q: How much does Home Workout- No Equipments cost?

A: Home Workout- No Equipments costs $39 per year. The free version have limited workouts access and is ad supported.

Q: Who is Home Workout- No Equipments best for?

A: Home Workout- No Equipments is best for people looking for a free bodyweight workout program without the need for equipment. However, if you are looking for a personalized long-term workout program that considers your individual needs, Dr. Muscle is a better option.