JuggernautAI Workout App: Independent Review

Is this the best app for strength training and powerlifting?

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One of the biggest names in powerlifting is Juggernaut Training Systems (JTS).

If you're into powerlifting, chances are you're already familiar with this company. You may even have used their material.

Founded in 2009, Juggernaut Training Systems has built a name for themselves as premier coaching and education company. Their past ventures have primarily been education through articles, books, and online coaching

However, they have recently gotten into the business of apps with their new JuggernautAI workout app.

As they they have world-class coaches, this is very exciting news for those in the world of strength sports. This review of JuggernautAI is going to see if it meets the hype.

Who I Am: Why I'm Qualified To Write This

My name is Garett Reid and I have been in this industry for over well over 10 years. Some of my accolades include:

  • Master in Exercise Science
  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) of the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA)
  • Certified by the International Society of Sports Nutrition (CISSN)
  • Vice President of NSCA Strongman SIG (Special Interest Group)
  • Published in the NSCA COACH journal

Further, I have been in the gym for over 20 years and have seen this industry grow. This includes changes and improvements in what we know through research.

In addition, I'm very familiar with various aspects of training, including powerlifting. Personally, I have competed in strength sports (strongman) for about 4 years and have been a fan of Juggernaut Training Systems since years before that.

Together, this gives me the ability to review JuggernautAI from plus a technical and applicable perspective.

In A Nutshell—Full Review Of JuggernautAI

JuggernautAI is premium app for powerlifting put out by Juggernaut Training Systems. Founded by Chad Wesley Smith, one of the premier coaches of this era, the app is backed by the top minds in the game.

The app is built off of the methodology of Juggernaut Training Systems. As you can get this information online, you are ultimately buying the AI-driven guidance to help you progress your program.

Reviews of JuggernautAI tend to be mixed; some love it while others see no progress. Another common idea is that it's a good app, but not at it's price. Here are some things you should keep in mind if you're thinking of using it:

Will not replicate the individuality of in-person training
Questionable volume prescribed
Requires some general knowledge of powerlifting and programming
Specific training for serious powerlifters, not bodybuilders

All in all, despite some flaws, it's a good app for powerlifters. But bodybuilders and those looking to prioritize muscle gain better look elsewhere.

What Makes My Review Different

Many of the reviews are reviewing the app as a serious powerlifter. This makes sense as it's specifically built for powerlifters. In fact, the two goals you can select are:

  • Powerlifting
  • Powerbuilding

So on that front, that makes sense and would be expected. However, due to the reputation of Chad Wesley Smith and Juggernaut, many non-powerlifters might be interested in giving it a go.

And that's where I come in. While I've dabbled in Competitive Strongman and obviously perform "The Big Three", I've never competed in powerlifting, nor have I ever wanted to.

While I respect the hell of those athletes, competitive powerlifting just isn't for me. You see, there's a massive difference between competitive powerlfiting and recreational lifting; even serious recreational lifters. Hell, there's a massive difference between Strongman training and powerlifting.

This difference is that thing is fine tuned and specific for powerlifting; surprise! As such, there's I'm going to review from an average lifter while being fair to its intent.

JuggernautAI App: A Quick Overview

JuggernautAI is the much anticipated from the Juggernaut Training Systems headed by the famous Chad Wesley Smith. Juggernaut Training Systems are highly popular in the world of powerlifting. If you're familiar with their general methodology, then you're familiar with JuggernautAI.

However, JuggernautAI stands out from using just their spreadsheets as it uses an AI system to assess your progress, or regress, and adapts as necessary. Other than that, it's reported to be highly personalized while easy to adjust.

While it does tend to have generally positive reviews from powerlifters, there are some things to consider.

Drawbacks With JuggernautAI

JuggernautAI is based of the world methodology of Juggernaut Training Systems so it's built by world-class powerlifting coaches. However, what I learned from reviewing this app is that not all lifting methods transfer well over to an app.

Below are the various issues I saw so you can consider if it's for you or not.

Too Specific For An AI?

Mentioned above, competitive powerlifting is incredibly specific. Programming can become very finicky as using 5lbs too much or too little could make a big difference.

Again, we're talking about intermediate lifters and above who have already put in time in the gym. While it does use things like RPE and RIR, along with other factors, there are still sooo many variables that could affect a persons session.

This is what makes Chad such a high class coach in person as he can read your body language and look at your movement patterns. He has an eye for all of the nuanced variables that make his coaching so effective.

Unfortunately, this can't be replicated with an AI system no matter how advanced it is. It won't be able to:

  • Assess your mental state
  • Read your body language for holding back with true answers
  • Monitor things like bar speed

The point being is that many people will want to purchase the app due to the name of Juggernaut. However, it just can't offer the level of coaching as in-person can.

Is An App Worth More Than Spreadsheets For You?

As mentioned above, the actual methodology used with Juggernaut is used in their methodology. You are able to purchase their eBooks and get this information so that you can write out your own templates. At the same time, you can find templates online (but please pay for them if you use them).

The major point is that you're not really paying for their methodology as you can get that already. You're paying for the guided AI part as well as the general usefulness of using tracker. Therefore, you need to determine if this is worth the price.

Too Little Or Two Much Volume

Another repeated issue with the program is I have seen many reviewers and Redditors is the title of this section. Many users felt that the volume ranged from too little to way too much.

Again, this seems to be due to the way their methodology works in addition to the lack of oversight by an actual coach. It seems many people use the foundation of their program but then go off for the accessory stuff.

I do want to make one important note. This complaint seemed to stem from self-admitted recreational lifters. As mentioned, competitive powerlifting is a different ball game.

Some Very Long Sessions

Due to it being primarily a powerlifting app, some of the sessions can get long. Very long.

One of the go-to solutions for stalling on a list is simple do more! I'm not going to get into using different methods because ultimately, this does work. Further, Chad Wesley Smith is significantly more qualified than me to write programs for competitive power lifters.

However a common thread I saw was users experiencing some exercises with 10 sets and 2 hour sessions. This may be ok for the serious lifter but many people don't want to dedicate that much time to the gym, nor do they need to.

This is just another reminder that this isn't built for the average gym-goer.

Crashing And Bugs Seems To Be An Issue

On the app side of things, it seemed there were two types of people:

  1. Those whose app worked great.
  2. Those whose app was so buggy it was worthless.

For instance:

Image 1: Poor review of Juggernaut app crashing
Image 2: Poor review of Juggernaut being buggy

I don't know what to make of this but there are enough for me to be weary about paying $35/month.

Auto-Programming Needs Improvements

JuggernautAI works by making suggestions for some of the exercises such as "bench variation" or "biceps exercise". You can then choose from a selection of exercises.

I personally like this but I also know what I need to do to finesse my lifts. For example, I know to use deficit deadlifts if I need help pulling of the ground.

On the other hand, a beginner could get lost. Again, this goes back to the app assuming you have some foundational knowledge on what to do.

It does have an "auto-programming" issue but there are many reviews in which it has issues such as:

  • Repeating exercises.
  • General odd section.
  • Getting caught in a cycle (keeps prescribing same exercises).

Bottom line is you should have some general knowledge to make the best of this app. It will allow you to effectively deal with these issues.

Only For Serious Powerlifters

I think this really sums up JuggernautAI. Just because the programing works for high-level powerlifters does not mean it's a great app for everyone.

In other words, I just don't see many recreational lifters liking this app. This was apparent by many of the personal reviews and discussion that took place on Reddit.

When considering there are plenty of other awesome apps out there, I feel most other gym-goers should look elsewhere.

It should be noted this doesn't necessarily mean the app is bad; it's just not built for the masses. I also want to say that I never really felt they were trying to present themselves as something they're not.

JuggernautAI For Bodybuilding

If you are looking for a bodybuilding app, JuggernautAI IS NOT for you. As mentioned a few times, Juggernaut is almost exclusive to training strength sports, specifically powerlifting.

The only option you have that's close to bodybuilding is going to be "powerbuilding" which is a hybrid training system that focuses on both powerlifting and body building.

Even if you think you might want to add some pure strength training to your program, Juggernaut has gained fame for their strength sports; it would be akin to ordering a hamburger at KFC. It's probably going to still taste good but that's not why you go to KFC to eat.

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Summing Up: JuggernautAI App Review

We need to keep in mind what we're judging; a premium app specifically designed for powerlifters. Further, it uses it's own specific type of methodology.

From my experience, programming gets a lot more nuanced with more advanced athletes. Individual lifters require more personalization in their apps to deal with what works for them.

For example, some lifters like more volume and it works great. On the other hand, too much volume can easily cause fatigue in others. Therefore, a program that prescribes isn't necessarily a bad program, it's just bad for some people.

With that in mind, I see this being useful for serious lifters who don't have the money for a personal coach. However, at it's price, I think general lifters would do much better with an app that uses a more general approach to strength and bodybuilding.

Dr. Muscle: An Alternative App For Everyone

JuggernautAI isn't a bad app, it's just not for everyone. If it fits the needs for your goals and cost, it could be awesome for you. However, due to it's specificity, the population that will benefit is small.

If you like the idea of an AI app that's designed by actual experts in the field of exercise science but won't more variety than power lifting, I would like to introduce to you Dr. Muscle. Here are some of the reasons I think Dr. Muscle is the superior app for general purposes.

Made By True Experts

One of the main reasons JuggernautAI is sought out is due to the founders; true leaders in the field. Well, unlike other apps, Dr. Muscle was also designed by PhD holders and leaders in Exercise Science. This can give you the confidence that the methodology used to develop the app is expert driven.

Uses Elite Programming

Utilizing the most up-to-date and scientifically supported training methods, Dr. Muscle tailors an individual program for everyone by applyng the latest in exercise science research. Rest assured that your program is optimized without any components based on fad instead of science. For example;

  1. Dr. Muscle incorporates additional techniques such as Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE), which is an autoregulation method for measuring the appropriate intensity. Research indicates its high efficacy in managing fatigue and promoting progress (Impellizzeri, 2004).
  2. Dr. Muscle uses Daily Undulating Periodization (DUP), a method that adjusts volume and intensity daily, has been shown to offer superior benefits compared to other periodization forms (Zourdos, et al. 2016).
  3. Dr. Muscle also includes Rest-Pause Sets, a specialized set type involving shorter rest intervals, which studies have demonstrated to significantly enhance strength and muscle growth compared to traditional training (Karmifard, et al. 2023).

Appropriate For All Lifters

Dr. Muscle was designed to create top-quality programs for just about anyone. By answering it's on boarding questions, you will be able to tailor your program. Some of the variables it accounts for are:

  • Training age
  • Training goal (build muscle, build strength, lose fat, etc.)
  • Injuries
  • Problem ares
  • Access to equipment

Literally anyone can get on here and see amazing progress.

You'll Learn A Lot

It's especially awesome beginners; even those who have been to the gym but never fully understood what they're doing.

Dr. Muscle is so thorough that I'm 100% confident a brand new lifter will have effective sessions since day 1. It's that amazing.

As I'm an educator, I love teaching my clients the "why" they do something just as much as "how" to do it. Dr. Muscle will do both.

Not only will you learn from it's guidance, it also has educational points throughout the app so that you too will learn about lifting on a more technical level.

JuggernautAI Vs. Dr. Muscle: Side-By-Side Comparison

Chart 1- Comparison of Dr. Muscle and JuggernautAI
Dr. Muscle JuggernautAI
Exercise demos? Yes Yes
Who is it designed for? Trainees who are looking for a quality program that they can follow to build muscle and strength while improving body composition Serious powerlifters
Set-Up Time Simple and straightforward that takes less than 5 minutes. Simplistic goal specific design. Has a very long initial questionaiire to fill out
Program Design AI designed by leading muscle building researchers creates a baseline program from your information including training experience.

Monitor each exercise using your effort and ‘reps in reserve’ to adjust loads depending on actual performance.

Suggests adjustments and rest ‘de-loads’ based on your individual progress.

Can run forever
Uses methodology of Juugernaut Training Systems

Uses periodization to work through training blocks

Can use to peak for competition
Home workouts available? Yes No

JuggernautAI Vs. Dr. Muscle: Summary

JuggernautAI and Dr. Muscle have a lot of similarities:

  • Both developed by true experts in the field
  • Both are premier apps with a similar price point
  • Both use an AI system to guide you through your program
  • Both use RPE for fatigue management

So what's the difference? As mentioned many times throughout this review, Juggernaut AI is much more specific with it's training; competition powerlifting.

This doesn't mean Dr. Muscle doesn't include strength training; it does and it's very effective. However, it does a whole lot more as well. Dr. Muscle will appeal to a greater percentage of lifters than Dr. Muscle; basically any non-powerlifter or non-competing powerlifter.

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How much does JuggernautAI cost?

Juggernaut has a subscription based membership with two options:

  • $35/Month
  • $350/Year

How long is the JuggernautAI program?

JuggernautAI uses 4 weeks blocks in succession up to your meet.

How many days per week is JuggernautAI?

You have the option to choose between 3-6 days. However, due to the work load, 4 days a week seems to be the average.

My Take On JuggernautAI

If I were prepping for a powerlifting competition and wanted to save cash on a coach, I would check JuggernautAI out.

As I've been lifting for quite a long time, I'm very familiar with programming and more importantly, I'm in tune with my self. Therefore, I feel I could guide through the nuance and some of the issues raised with JuggernautAI such as too much volume, not enough rest, etc.

In the realm of powerlifting, JuggernautAI does seem like a great option for many people. However, once you step away from powerlifting, it loses it's appeal.

This is the primary issue I see with the app; there's just a small market that I feel it's appropriate for. However, its not supposed to be an app for general purpose so this doesn't mean the app is bad. It does it's job, offers a cheaper alternative for serious powerlifters.

On the flip side, Dr. Muscle can be used by just about anyone. Further, I feel that Dr. Muscle is better new lifters as it doesn't have the issues seen with JuggernautAI like volume; you don't need to be able to adjust on your own terms.

If you're looking to increase muscle mass and strength in an effective and efficient manner, I would definitely encourage you to check out Dr. Muscle.