MASS: Greg Nuckols, Eric Helms, and Michael Zourdos help you understand the science of strength, hypertrophy, and nutrition

3 world-class exercise scientists and coaches (Greg Nuckols, Eric Helms, and Michael Zourdos) teamed up to bring you MASS.

If you like my newsletter (the Bodybuilding Science Review), I think you’ll like it a lot. MASS is one of my #1 ressources. It stands for Monthly Applications in Strength Sport. It’s a research review about strength, hypertrophy, and nutrition science. In MASS, you get a full summary, write-up, and analysis of every articles covered (7 each month).

It’s created by some of the smartest guys in the industry (I link to their own science papers and articles often):

– Eric Helms (Ph.D. in strength and conditioning from Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand, M.S. in exercise science, a second Master’s in sports nutrition, B.S. in fitness and wellness)

– Greg Nuckols (held three all-time world records in powerlifting in the 220lb and 242lb classes)

– Mike Zourdos (Ph.D. in exercise physiology, M.S. in applied health physiology, and B.S. in exercise science)

What I like the most about MASS (besides the awesome science reviews) is their audio roundtable. I listen to a lot of audios (when working out for example), and these are a huge time-saver. Each month, Eric, Greg, and Mike sit down and discuss all the studies reviewed that month. If you have no time to keep up with the written material, you’ll love the audios.

Imagine loading up a big barbell and getting ready to crush a squat PR while you listen to some of the world’s top coaches explain the science of building muscle and give you tips to get massive and strong. It’s a lot of fun. You can do exactly that when you sign up for MASS.

You can even get the very special lifetime subscription (it’s the one I got). It’s not cheap, but I have faith these guys are here to stay. So if you can afford it (I see it as an investment), in 10 years, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank with the money you’ve saved.

To get the lifetime subscription, click here

To learn more about MASS, click here

I will make a commission if you buy through my link, and I’m happy to recommend a service I really believe in.

They also have a private group on Facebook where you can discuss the studies with Eric, Greg, and Mike. I’m there, as well as other subscribers. It’s a great place to learn and share. Perhaps I’ll see you there?