StrongLifts 5x5 App Review: Is It worth It?

Is this popular program and app your best bet for muscle gain?

StrongLifts 5x5 App Review: Is It worth It?

Alright, let's talk about the StrongLifts 5x5 Weight Lifting app.

This app is a digital reincarnation of a widely favored, time-tested gym program.

Remember those crumpled, sweat-stained paper logs we used to carry around the gym? Well, those are a thing of the past. Yet, as we moved into the digital era, we lost something too. Without the right know-how, a digital log can become just as muddled as a sheet of paper.

The trouble with the StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log app?

It tweaked the original plan, but not for the better. We've all heard the saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Seems the folks behind StrongLifts missed that memo. They've served us a generic workout plan, a one-size-fits-all routine that strays from the tried and true.

But, hold on to your lifting belts, because there's more. In this article, we'll dive deeper into the details and find out why this popular app might not be your best bet. Keep reading, lifters. This is one gym saga you won't want to miss.

StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log Score

Program Efficacy: 3.8/5

StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log will give you a decent start. It works well in the first few months, helping lifters pack on some serious gains. But muscle plateaus are real, folks, and this app doesn't do enough to help you break through them.

User Interface: 3.0/5

Sure, it's clean. But the interface looks like it came straight out of the early 2000s. It gets the job done, but don't expect anything fancy or modern.

Value: 2/5

The StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log program is already widely available online, and for free. This app is just a digitalized version of that. So, you're essentially paying for something you could just jot down in a note on your phone.

User Experience: 3/5

The experience is okay, not so bad, but far from the best. It's a bit like doing your reps on an old, rusty weight machine when there's a brand new one next door.

StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log Key Feature

At its heart, StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log is a digital gym log hitched to a proven program. For beginners and intermediate lifters trying to get back in shape, it can provide a helpful boost. But here's the rub: it's not sustainable for the long haul. We'll dig into why in the following sections.

How We Rate and Review Products

Our methodology for evaluating workout apps like StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log is comprehensive and well-rounded. We begin by opening every page of the app understanding the program's ins and outs. Next, we examine how someone with limited exercise science knowledge might progress using the app. Lastly, we gauge the value for cost.

Our team has a breadth of expertise. Our 20-year veteran trainer, who also holds a PhD in public health, pairs with a writer deeply experienced in bodybuilding. Yes, we're developing a competing app, but that doesn't cloud our judgment. We firmly believe in our product, yet we're committed to providing honest, accurate reviews of others.

First Impressions using StrongLifts 5x5

When you first encounter StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log, it's easy to get excited. Here's an app that seemingly packages an effective 5x5 workout program in a user-friendly way. It's simple, not too flashy, and you find what you need right where you expect it. But as someone well-versed in exercise science, I can't help but spot the issues that are not so apparent to the untrained eye. 5x5 has its drawbacks, which we'll delve into just now.

StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log Training Program Analysis

Let's dive a bit deeper into the workings of StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log. The app doesn't provide any programs, meaning it's all up to the user's knowledge to create an effective regimen. If you're seasoned in exercise science or an experienced lifter, you could potentially cook up something that works. However, anyone else may find themselves aimlessly lifting, wasting time and effort.

The 5x5 approach revolves around five movements: squat, bench press, deadlift, overhead press, and barbell row. Yes, these are compound movements that work multiple muscle groups, and they're a decent foundation for a strength training program. However, the system lacks variation and neglects several key aspects of a well-rounded fitness plan.

Missing from the menu are crucial exercises like vertical pulling movements (think pull-ups or lat pull-downs) and lunges. Both exercises target muscle groups that are largely ignored by the five movements Stronglift focuses on. This means certain muscles get overworked, while others are left underdeveloped.

Then there's the issue of progression. StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log solely relies on linear progression, meaning you increase the weight on the bar every workout. While this might lead to initial strength gains, it's not a sustainable approach. As you get stronger, it becomes increasingly harder to keep adding weight each session.

Lastly, there are glaring omissions in the program. There are zero arm isolation movements. This is bad news for your biceps and triceps which are largely ignored in this program. There's also an excessive focus on squatting and an underemphasis on deadlifting, an imbalance that can lead to disproportionate strength and development.

Furthermore, core exercises, essential for overall strength and stability, are completely absent. This oversight could lead to imbalances and potential injury.

In essence, the 5X5 is a shortsighted program. Yes, you might see some gains early on, but it's not designed for longevity. After a while, you'll hit a wall, and you'll need to look elsewhere for a program that fosters continuous growth and balanced development.

The Main Problem With StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log

At first glance, you might be lured in by the simplicity of the StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log app. But the longer you stay, the more apparent the limitations become. This program may work, but it's far from optimal.

When we say optimal, we're talking about a fitness program that helps you grow, not just in strength, but in balance and proportion. We're talking about a program that keeps you engaged and propels you forward. We're talking about a program that offers a comprehensive approach to fitness, addressing all aspects from strength and endurance to flexibility and stability. Unfortunately, StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log falls short of these criteria.

Let's start with the workout itself. It's limited. Restricted to five basic movements, the program lacks the variety and complexity to cater to all aspects of fitness. Over time, this narrow focus results in certain muscles becoming overdeveloped, while others are neglected. It's a recipe for an unbalanced physique and can lead to injuries down the line.

The second issue is with the gym log. Yes, it's a nifty tool, but it's missing some key features. It doesn't calculate your weights, provide guidance on how to progress, or offer suggestions on how to tweak your program for better results. All the strategizing and planning is left entirely to the user. For seasoned lifters, this might not be a problem, but for those who are relatively new to the world of fitness, it's a significant drawback.

The app is clearly designed for those who are committed to a specific program and have a set way of doing things. But this rigidity is a disservice to users, particularly those who have little to no exercise science knowledge. Without proper guidance and flexibility, they may find themselves following this program for months, maybe even years, before realizing it's not the most optimal way of working out.

In a nutshell, StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log's main problem is that it lacks versatility, complexity, and guidance - three things that are key to a successful and sustainable workout program.

How Much Does StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log Costs


Here's the breakdown of what you can expect to pay for StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log's in-app offerings:

  • Stronglifts Pro Unlimited: $39.99
  • Stronglifts Pro Family: $59.99
  • Stronglifts Pro Flexible: $9.99
  • Stronglifts Pro - Quarterly: $19.99
  • Stronglifts Pro Lifetime: $99.99
  • Stronglifts Pro LifetimeFamily: $179.99
  • Pro Lifetime Family Upgrade: $79.99

Free vs Paid

So, what's the difference between the free version and the paid one? The free version of StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log offers the basic 5x5 workout program with a simple gym log. However, if you opt for any of the paid plans, you get a few more features such as advanced analytics, plate calculator, custom workouts, and warmup sets. But is the price tag worth the extra features? Let's delve deeper.

StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log App Value Analysis

When considering an app, it's essential to gauge whether what it offers matches up to its price tag. As we've already discussed, Stronglift 5x5 is an app that provides a simple 5x5 workout program, paired with a basic gym log. That's the heart of what you're paying for, but does the value justify the cost?

Now, the 5x5 workout itself is hardly proprietary. A quick online search will give you the details of this program free of charge. It's basic, it's simple, and it's easily accessible. So, in essence, when you opt for StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log, you're not so much paying for a unique workout plan but for the convenience of having this readily available plan packaged into a user-friendly app.

As for the gym log, it’s a useful tool, no doub but there are better ones on the market. It offers the convenience of tracking your progress digitally, taking away the fuss of pen and paper. But again, its functionality is pretty basic. It doesn't provide weight calculations or make suggestions for progression. The onus is on the user to plan their progression and adjust their workouts accordingly.

Then, let's consider the paid plans. These offer additional features such as advanced analytics, custom workouts, an exercise library and warm-up sets. While these extras can be handy, are they essential? And do they offer enough value to justify the price?

Advanced analytics, for instance, might be useful for those who like to dive deep into their performance metrics. But for the average lifter, the basic performance tracking offered in the free version might be sufficient. Similarly, custom workouts and warm-up sets are nice to have but not exactly groundbreaking features.

So when you break it down, the price tag associated with the StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log app seems a bit steep for what it offers. You're essentially paying for a digitalized version of a simple, easily accessible workout plan, packaged in an average gym log, with a few extras thrown in if you opt for the paid versions. When we take all of these factors into account, it's hard to argue that the app delivers a high level of value for its cost.

StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log Red Flags

There are a few things about StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log that raise some concerns:

  1. No alternative exercises: The app doesn't offer any alternatives to the five basic movements, limiting variety and possibly leading to imbalances in muscle development.
  2. Implements progressive overload called "linear progression": While progressive overload is a sound principle, using only linear progression can lead to plateaus and potential overtraining.
  3. Does not use a full range of reps: This limitation may hinder muscle growth and strength development over time.

Despite Being Average, Why Does StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log Receive Numerous Good Reviews?

Looking at the glowing reviews, you might wonder how an app that seems so average has managed to score highly. But let's consider the context.

App developers have various strategies to attract positive reviews. Big-budget developers, for instance, invest heavily in advertising, which brings in a flood of users. Many of these users are then prompted to leave a review after only a few hours of using the app. Are they in the best position to evaluate the quality of a workout plan? Not necessarily.

Furthermore, asking users for a review post-workout could skew the results. Why? Because they're still under the influence of the feel-good hormones, the endorphins, released during exercise. So, while they might be feeling great in that moment, it doesn't necessarily mean the app is equally great.

So while StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log does have its merits, it's crucial to dig beneath the surface reviews and carefully assess its offerings, as we have done here.

StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log Reviews From the App Store

Take a peek at what other users are saying on the App Store. We've compiled a selection of screenshots from reviews that capture the range of experiences people have had with StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log.

StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log Real User Comments From Social Media

Let's delve into the world of social media for more insights. We've gathered some comments about StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log from various social platforms to give you a broader perspective on how real users feel about this app.

Why StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log May Not Be For You

With our expert eye, we see StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log more as a run-of-the-mill gym log made specifically for fans of the 5x5 program, rather than a robust bodybuilding tool. StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log may not be your best bet if you're aiming to follow the most optimal workout plan possible.

If you're just starting your fitness journey or have less than five years of effective workout experience, it's generally better to follow a plan designed by experts who know their stuff. Unfortunately, that's not what StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log provides.

A Better Alternative to StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log

Lifters looking for a complete, sophisticated, and automated solution to their gym routines need look no further than Dr. Muscle. This is not merely a digital log or an inflexible, preset training plan. Dr. Muscle is like having a PhD level personal trainer in your pocket, a smart, adaptive companion to guide you through your fitness journey.

Dr. Muscle offers personalized, adaptive workouts based on your current performance, progress rate, and fitness goals. Unlike StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log, the app doesn't stick to a one-size-fits-all program. It creates unique workouts for each user and changes them as you evolve. As you lift, the app learns about you, tracks your progress, and adjusts your program accordingly. With Dr. Muscle, it's not just about lifting weights; it's about lifting smarter.

Why Dr. Muscle is the Best Workout App

Dr. Muscle stands out as the best workout app because of its scientific foundation and intelligent design. Created by a seasoned trainer with 20 years of experience and a PhD in public health, the app reflects deep insights from exercise science.

Unlike StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log, which requires you to do your own thinking and planning, Dr. Muscle does all the hard work for you. It would take an experienced human coach about an hour to make the calculations that Dr. Muscle does in seconds to create your workout.

The app implements a host of principles to help you optimize your gains and avoid plateaus:

  • Progressive overload: Dr. Muscle ensures that you gradually increase the stress on your body during exercise. This continuous push stimulates muscle growth and strength.
  • Specificity: Your workouts are tailored to your specific goals, be it strength, size, or endurance.
  • Recovery: The app calculates your rest time to optimize muscle recovery and growth.
  • Consistency: Dr. Muscle helps keep you on track, ensuring you stick to your workout regimen.
  • Variation: The app alters your exercises, sets, and reps to prevent your body from adapting and hitting a plateau.
  • Individualization: Dr. Muscle understands that every lifter is different. It customizes your workout plan based on your personal data and progress.
  • Specific time under tension: It suggests the optimal tempo for each exercise to maximize muscle growth.
  • Frequency, Intensity, Volume: The app adjusts these variables over time, striking a balance to optimize your gains.
  • Specific exercise selection: Dr. Muscle chooses the best exercises for you based on your goals and performance.
  • Periodization: It employs cycles of variation to spur continuous improvement.

Dr. Muscle doesn't just replace your gym log; it replaces the need for a personal trainer, making your workouts efficient, effective, and easy to follow. With Dr. Muscle, you can enjoy the simplicity of training, knowing that your workout plan is in expert hand

Try Dr. Muscle today, it's free.


Is StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log the Best Workout App?

While StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log has its strengths, it falls short in offering a comprehensive, tailored workout plan. So, it might not be the best choice for those seeking an optimal fitness program.

Is There a Better App Than StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log?

Yes, I'm biased, but I believe Dr. Muscle is a superior alternative. It provides personalized workout plans based on scientific principles and caters to both beginners and experienced lifters.

How Much Does StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log Cost?

StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log offers both a free version and several paid plans ranging from $9.99 to $179.99.

Who is StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log Best For?

StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log is best suited for fans of the 5x5 workout program who appreciate a simple, digital gym log. However, it may not be the best choice for those seeking a tailored, optimally effective workout plan.