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How Often Should You Train To Build Muscle? [Data-Driven]

According to scientists, novice and intermediate lifters should train 2-3 days per week, whereas and advanced trainers should aim for 4-5 days per week

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Independent RP Hypertrophy App Review

Is the new Renaissance Periodization Hypertrophy App worth it?

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Best Free RPE Training App for Hypertrophy?

Want to build muscle and strength faster? This RPE training app might be for you.

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Is Tonal Worth It? Honest Review, Price & More

We found the Tonal Home Gym costs $5,336. Does its price match its effectiveness? Our review.

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Rest-Pause Set for Hypertrophy: Benefits, Examples & More

A practical, science-based guide to building muscle faster with rest-pause sets, a technique used by the only bodybuilder to ever beat Arnold Schwarzenegger

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How Often Should You Change Your Routine's Exercises in Bodybuilding?

Here's what the science and experts say (feat. Dorian Yates, Greg Nuckols, Eric Helms, and Lyle McDonald)

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