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Introducing Dr. Muscle: The World's First AI Personal Trainer

Imagine ChatGPT, but for fitness. Automated yet personal, with expert coaching and workouts unique to you—optimized to get you in shape faster, on autopilot.

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Shred Workout App: Honest Review & Alternative

Shred has ultra clean, flashy design. But will it help you build muscle?

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Gymshark Workout App: Honest Review & Alternative

Is the Gymshark app legit or just a mash of bro science and Instagram?

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FitNotes Workout App: Independent Review & Alternative

Exercise scientist's honest review of FitNotes: screenshots, pros & cons, and more

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Starting Strength Workout App: Review & Alternative

A Critical Review + A Better Workout App Alternative

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How to Build Muscle: Beginner's Guide for Optimal Gains

Want to build muscle but don't know how to get started? Check out this comprehensive guide for all the tips, tricks and techniques you need to know for an effective muscle-building journey.

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