7 Best Free Bodybuilding Apps to Build Muscle on a Budget

Build muscle without breaking the bank with these free bodybuilding apps reviewed by experts

Muscular young man looking for the best free bodybuilding app

You're looking for an app to lift weights and build muscle—for free.

But with so many different workout apps on the market, finding the right one can be overwhelming.

Plus, if you want to build muscle fast, you can't just go with any old app. A plain-Jane workout app just won't cut it.

Some apps even fall short of sticking to proven training principles, like:

  • Progressive overload
  • Exercise and individual specificity
  • Intensity of effort

You can learn more about these principles in Dr. Jason Cholewa's popular review of the best bodybuilding apps for muscle hypertrophy.

Some bodybuilding apps are quite expensive, and we've noticed people are searching for free options.

That's why we've rounded up the top 7 free apps for bodybuilding, weight lifting, and gym workouts.

If you want to gain strength and size on a budget and take your weight lifting to the next level, read on to find the best app for you.

Best free bodybuilding app? In a nutshell

In case you’re in a hurry, are the highlights of our findings.

You can find many bodybuilding apps that look free. But when you dig deeper, turns out you have to pay for their best features.

For free, your best options are:

1- Dr. Muscle. On the free plan, you get a training program personalized to you with AI. Your workouts are optimized automatically as you go. You get unlimited workouts and routines.

2- Strong. On the free plan, you get a simple workout tracker that's easy to use. Great for experienced lifters. You get unlimited workouts, but you're limited to 3 custom routines.

Overall, we found Dr. Muscle offers the most advanced features for free.

7 best free bodybuilding and weight lifting apps

#1 Dr. Muscle: The trainer in your phone

Dr. Muscle is a highly advanced training app that uses artificial intelligence to create a personalized program for you. In a nutshell:

  • It would be my go-to app if: I wanted to optimize the results of every workout, every rep, every minute spent on the gym
  • I wouldn't use that app if: I was looking for a candy looking interface with simple workouts for beginners
  • Free version is: Unlimited access to all features for 2 weeks, free plan with some features locked after that

Developed by an exercise scientist, the app uses data from your previous performance to create every new workout, ensuring that your workouts are tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Whether you are a beginner or have been lifting weights for years, Dr. Muscle is a great app for those looking to optimize their workouts and get the most out of their training. The app offers a range of strength training workouts, as well as cardio and strength exercises, making it a versatile tool for improving overall physical fitness. Additionally, the app provides guidance on the weight to use for each exercise, ensuring that you are using the right amount of resistance to challenge your muscles and see progress.

Overall, Dr. Muscle is the most advanced and effective weight lifting app that is the best for creating workout routines to build muscle groups in the less time possible. It is the best weightlifting app available today. Try Dr. Muscle, it's free.

#2 JEFIT: The encyclopedia

JEFIT is a comprehensive fitness app that offers a wide range of features for both beginner and advanced fitness enthusiasts. In a nutshell:

  • It would be my go-to app if: I was a personal trainer that wanted to digitalize the program creation part of my job
  • I wouldn't use that app if: I was someone looking for guidance to do effective workout
  • Free version is: A limited access to the full app, paying unlock many features

With over 1,300 exercises and thousands of pre-designed programs, JEFIT provides users with a wealth of workout options to choose from. The app also allows users to connect with other users or see if there are any other users near them, making it a great tool for building a sense of community and accountability within the fitness world.

In addition, JEFIT markets itself as a fitness tracker, allowing users to track their progress and see how they are progressing over time. Additionally, trainers can use JEFIT as a means to stay in contact with their own clients and prescribe training plans, making it a valuable tool for professional trainers as well.

While the app does offer a free version that is supported by ad revenue, users can also opt for the paid "Elite" version, which comes with additional features such as removed ads, unlimited video instructions, audio exercise tips, and access to "elite" workout plans. Overall, JEFIT is a useful and comprehensive fitness app that can help users reach their goals and improve their overall health and fitness.

#3 StrongLifts 5x5: The simple workout to get comfy

StrongLifts 5x5 is a popular and effective strength training program that utilizes a simple yet effective approach to lifting weights. In a nutshell:

  • It would be my go-to app if: I didn't care much about the results and wanted to stick to a routine for a long time
  • I wouldn't use that app if: I was looking for an advanced optimized program
  • Free version is: A full access to the app for a limited time

The program involves performing a set of compound exercises with a moderate amount of weight, including dumbbells, and increasing the weight gradually over time. This training plan is designed to help individuals build strength and muscle mass through consistent and progressively challenging weight training sessions. Additionally, the program can be easily incorporated into a fitness routine through the use of strength training apps, which provide a convenient way to track progress and stay on track with the program. Overall, StrongLifts 5x5 is a reliable and efficient way to improve strength and physical fitness through weight training.

#4 Strong: The tracker experienced lifters always wanted

The Strong app is a strength training app that offers a range of features for individuals looking to gain strength and improve their overall physical fitness. In a nutshell:

  • It would be my go-to app if: I was very experienced or studied exercise science and was only looking for a tracker
  • I wouldn't use that app if: I was looking for an app to create programs
  • Free version is: Unlimited workouts, only 3 custom routines, advanced features locked

While the app does offer some interesting features, such as tracking total volume, it may not be the best choice for beginners who are looking for more guidance in their strength workouts. One of the biggest drawbacks of the Strong app is the lack of guidance it provides for lifters, particularly those who are new to weight training. While the free version of the app is great for those looking to get started with strength training, it may not be the most comprehensive option for those who are seeking more detailed and personalized instruction. Additionally, the app allows users to track the weight they used in their workouts, which can be helpful for those looking to progressively increase the difficulty of their strength training sessions. Overall, the Strong app may be a good option for those who are already familiar with strength training and are looking for a convenient way to track their workouts, but it may not be the best choice for beginners who are looking for more structured guidance and instruction.

#5 Hevy: A Strong competitor

Hevy is a popular weight lifting app that is known for its comprehensive and user-friendly features. In a nutshell:

  • It would be my go-to app if: I was looking for a cleaner version of Strong App
  • I wouldn't use that app if: I was looking for workout programs and didn't want to do the complicated job myself
  • Free version is: A limted version of the app

One of the main reasons why Hevy gets a lot of good reviews is because it offers a complete free version, making it accessible to everyone regardless of their budget. Despite being free, the app is still a good tracker and provides a range of tools to measure progress, such as the ability to track workouts, set and track personal records, and log and track nutrition. While Hevy does not provide workout programs like some other apps do, it does offer guides to help users create their own workouts, making it a good option for those who prefer to have more control over their training. Additionally, the app has a clean and easy-to-use interface, making it easy for users to track their progress and stay on track with their fitness goals. Overall, Hevy is a reliable and convenient weight lifting app that is great for tracking workouts and measuring progress, even if it does not offer structured workout programs.

Wrapping up: What is the best free bodybuilding app?

In conclusion, the 5 best free weight lifting apps for bodybuilding and gym workouts in 2023 offer something for everyone, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned fitness enthusiast.

These apps provide a range of features, from customizable training plans to progress tracking and more, making it easy to find the right one for your needs. For advanced lifters, the Strong app and Hevy app may be they only thing they need, as they offer a range of exercises and to choose from, as well as detailed tracking options.

For those who are less experienced with weight lifting, the StrongLifts 5x5 may be a good choice, as they offer something easy to understand and do Ultimately, the best weight lifting app for you will depend on your specific fitness goals and needs, whether you are looking to improve your strength, lose weight, or gain muscle.

If you want an app that does it all for you Dr. Muscle is the right choice. Its advanced AI will always create a workout that is aligned with your goals wether that is muscle gain or fat loss.


Best free bodybuilding app for iPhone

Dr. Muscle is a top-notch free app for your iPhone that'll help you get jacked.

Designed by a sports scientist, this cool app uses AI to give you custom workouts that fit you just right. As you get stronger, the app gets smarter and changes your workouts so you keep on growing.

With tons of advanced features and tips, Dr. Muscle is the perfect training partner for those looking to build big muscles without emptying their wallets.

Best free bodybuilding app for Android

Dr. Muscle is an unbeatable free app for your Android that'll guide you to build some serious muscle.

Designed by a sports scientist, it employs cutting-edge tech to design customized workouts that are unique to you. As you gain strength and size, the app gets even smarter and tweaks your workouts, so you never stop growing.

With plenty of sophisticated features and workout advice, Dr. Muscle is the ultimate pal for those who want to develop a muscular physique without spending a fortune.

Is there a 100% free workout app?

Reality is that app development costs money.

Free workout apps are either an incomplete version of a paid app or a trial version of the full app.

The incomplete version typically offers a limited range of features or workouts and may be supported by advertising or require users to purchase additional features or content within the app.

The trial version, on the other hand, allows users to try out the full app for a limited period of time, after which they must either purchase the app or switch to the free version, which may be an incomplete version with limited features.

Both types of free workout apps can be a good option for those who want to try out a new app or are looking for a budget-friendly way to track their workouts, but they may not offer the same level of functionality or support as a paid app.

What makes a weight lifting app stand out?

A weight lifting app that stands out has several key features. It should:

  • Be user-friendly and have a simple, intuitive design.
  • Include tools such as detailed workout plans, progress tracking, and data analysis to help users reach their goals.
  • Provide tips and guidance on form and technique while they’re lifting, so they can stay safe while achieving their goals.

The app should also allow users to customize their workouts to suit their specific needs and preferences. Finally, a standout weight lifting app should offer an online community of other lifters for advice and motivation.

All these features together make for an excellent weightlifting experience that will keep users coming back for more.

How to select the right weight lifting app for you

If you’re a fitness enthusiast looking for a free weightlifting app for bodybuilding and gym workouts, there are a few things to consider when making your decision. Here are some tips to help you choose the best free weightlifting app for your needs:

1. Check the user reviews: Before downloading or purchasing any app, it’s important to read through the reviews from users to get a better understanding of its features and effectiveness.

2. Pay attention to the features: Make sure the app offers features that meet your needs, such as a library of exercises, detailed instruction videos, tracking capabilities, etc.

3. Consider the cost: Some weightlifting apps have decent free versions, while others are available for purchase. Consider how much you’re willing to pay for a premium version.

4. Look for customization options: Does the app offer personalized settings, like the ability to create custom workouts or adjust weight and repetitions?

5. Test the interface: Before you commit to a weightlifting app, it’s important to make sure the interface is user-friendly and intuitive.

By considering these tips, you can ensure you’re selecting the best free weightlifting app to help you reach your fitness goals.

What is the best weight lifting tracking app?

When it comes to tracking and optimizing your weight lifting workouts, one of the best free weightlifting apps available is Dr. Muscle. This app track your progress and analyze your results to create the next workout. It does all the thinking for you.

The app also has a feature that allows you to connect and interact directly with an exercise science doctor. It's like a chat room where every member ask their questions and get answers so that the knowledge is accessible and shared to everybody

Another popular free weightlifting app is Fitbod. The app includes a wide range of exercises and provides detailed guidance for each exercise. It also allows you to design your own workouts and monitor your progress. Additionally, Fitbod can provide personalized advice and motivation to help you reach your goals.

Is there an app that lets you build your own workout?

Yes! Here are a few options for bodybuilding and gym workouts in 2023. Each of these apps offers a variety of features that will help take your training to the next level.

1. Strong: This app is designed specifically for powerlifting and strength training. You can create and save your own workout templates and tracking your weight.

2. Hevy: This app is perfect for those wanting to create their own workouts. It has a range of exercises and lets you customize your own routine. It also offers tracking tools to help you stay on top of your goals.