3 Best Free Gym Apps for Muscle & Strength (We Tested 13)

13 apps tested—focusing on gym workouts for muscle and strength

3 Best Free Gym Apps for Muscle & Strength (We Tested 13)

Welcome to the real deal in gym apps.

Unlike other reviews, we're focusing on what truly matters for lifters hitting the gym.

No fluff, bodyweight routines, or yoga apps. Here, it's all about gym apps for lifters who want real gains.

We've tested 13 apps, zeroing in on those that pack a punch for your muscle and strength goals.

Get ready for the top gym apps that stand up to the barbell test – no nonsense, just results.

Key Features to Look for in a Gym App

Alright, when picking a gym app, focus on what matters.

  • Track your workouts – it's crucial. You need to see your progress, rep by rep.
  • Variety in exercises? Yes, but keep it relevant to your goals. Strength training isn't just about lifting; it's about lifting smarter. Too many exercises slow you down.
  • Simple to use. We're here to lift, not to fiddle with complicated apps.
  • Good programs. Want results? You need well-crafted workout plans and personalization.

That's key.

Let me tell you, having the best programs for your goals and expert guidance right at your fingertips can be a game-changer.

Look for these features – they're crucial in your muscle and strength journey.

Review of the Top 3 Free Gym Apps

Dr. Muscle: Best Overall

Dr. Muscle ranks as the best overall for its intelligent features.

It's like having a coach in your app, using AI to tailor workouts to your needs. Great for all levels, it starts where you are and guides you forward, adapting to your progress.

Dr. Muscle has a generous free plan.

The app's design is straightforward, focusing on function over form. While packed with advanced features, it remains user-friendly. It's a blend of technology and training expertise, making it a top pick for anyone serious about gains.

Dr. Muscle pros:

  • Smart AI analyzes your lifts, tweaking your plan on the go.
  • Workouts are tailored to you, fitting your level and gear.
  • Packed with exercises and how-tos – it's like a gym bible.
  • Built on solid science for workouts that really work.

Dr. Muscle cons:

  • The design could be better. It's about function, not flash.
  • Needs internet to get the full punch. Offline? Slower.
  • Lots of features – great for some, a bit much for others.

Ready to jump in? Download Dr. Muscle today to try all premium features. Once your trial expires, you'll continue on the free plan automatically.

Strong: Best Usability

Strong is your go-to for simplicity in tracking workouts.

Tailored for those who want a no-nonsense approach, it lets you create and monitor your own programs with ease.

It's like having a digital workout diary in your pocket, streamlining your gym experience. While Strong excels in usability, it's more suited for those who already have a grip on their gym routine, as it doesn't hand-hold beginners with workout plans and guidance.

Strong pros:

  • It's straightforward. Track your workouts, no fuss.
  • Plan your lifts your way. Total freedom, total control.
  • Ditch the notebook. Strong keeps all your data in one place.

Strong cons:

  • Not the best for rookies. You need some know-how.
  • Some lifters report tech hiccups with syncing and saving.

Learn more in our full review of Strong.

StrongLifts 5x5: Simplest Program

StrongLifts 5X5 is a streamlined strength training program and app, celebrated for its simplicity.

It revolves around five core compound exercises split across two workouts, using a 5x5 rep scheme.

Great for novices, its minimalistic approach is a double-edged sword, offering easy entry but limited scope for advanced lifters, those seeking variety, bodybuilding fans.

Pros of Stronglifts 5x5:

  • Simple and straightforward: perfect for beginners.
  • Focuses on compound movements for overall strength.
  • Easy to follow with a clear structure.

Cons of Stronglifts 5x5:

  • Lacks variety, potentially leading to muscle imbalances.
  • Not ideal for advanced lifters seeking comprehensive training.
  • Limited in scope for those looking to diversify their workout.

For more information, check our 5x5 app review and 13-point critique.

And The Best Free Gym App Is...

While these 3 apps focus on real gym work, Dr. Muscle stands out as the top choice for free gym apps.

It's built on solid, science-backed principles, crucial for real muscle gains.

This app adapts to your progress, just like a personal trainer would. It's perfect for both beginners and seasoned lifters, offering tailored workouts that evolve with you.

Dr. Muscle is more than just an app; it's a training partner that ensures your gym time is effective, so you always build muscle as fast as possible.

13 Gym Apps We've Reviewed

Here's the full list of the 13 gym apps we put to the test. Remember, not all made the cut for the top 3, but each has its strengths.

Check them out:

Conclusion: Take Your Pick and Start Lifting

Alright, we've covered the best apps out there. Now it's your turn. Pick one and start your journey. Remember, the best app is the one that works for you. It guides, motivates, and pushes you. Your gym time is precious. Make every rep count with the right app. These top picks? They're your ticket to real gains. Get lifting, track your progress, and watch yourself grow.

Of course, we're biased. But if you're serious about gym gains, we think Dr. Muscle is the app to get. We've talked about tracking workouts, exercise variety, and strength training focus. Dr. Muscle automates all that and more. It's like a coach in your pocket, guiding and adapting to your progress. Perfect for lifters who want real results without fuss. Start with Dr. Muscle, track your lifts, see your growth. It's that simple.


Q: What's the best free gym app for beginners?

A: For beginners, Dr. Muscle stands out. It's user-friendly and tailored for new lifters.

Q: What should I look for in a gym app?

A: Choose an app that aligns with your goals, offers detailed tracking, and adapts to your progress. Dr. Muscle is great for personalized routines.

Q: Is variety in exercises important in these apps?

A: Less than you think. Experts agree that changing exercises often is not needed. It might even slow down your gains.

Q: Can these apps replace a personal trainer?

A: While not a complete substitute, apps like Dr. Muscle offer personalized guidance similar to a trainer.

Q: How do I track progressive overload with an app?

A: Most apps allow you to log your lifts and track your progress over time, but we've found Dr. Muscle is the best at automating progressive overload for you.

Q: Are there apps that help with both gym workouts and nutrition?

A: Absolutely. Apps like Dr. Muscle and Freeletics offer workout guidance and nutritional advice, a great combo for overall fitness.