Getting a Custom Workout Plan is Now as Easy as Using a Dishwasher

In May, I used a Google Pixel 3 phone for the first time.

I took a photo with it. The photo was sharp, with vibrant colors and a perfect background blur. I thought: “Wow, I didn’t know taking good photos was that easy now.”

That’s the kind of experience we had in mind when we promised to make Dr. Muscle “as easy to use as a dishwasher” earlier this year on Kickstarter. Today, I’m excited to announce we’ve redesigned key components of the interface, including the home screen. It’s now a chat with the AI. You get your recent stats, and you can adjust your upcoming workout on the fly (if you’re short on time or tired, for example). Have a look:

Dr. Muscle new interface

We’ve also categorized exercises by body parts. With our next update, you’ll be able to swap any exercise with another for the same body part during your workout. The app will suggest which automatically.

We based our new design on:

  • Suggestions from active users
  • Data from app usage

To try the new interface:

  1. Visit the store app on your phone
  2. Search for “Dr. Muscle”
  3. Tap “Update”

Once inside the app, select “AI chat” via the top-right menu. While we’re rolling out the new interface this week, we’re still open to your suggestions and feedback. Love it? Hate it? Let us know at

Thanks for your amazing support,

Carl Juneau, PhD

Founder of Dr. Muscle